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The study of the position of stars and planets, have the power to effect the daily events in our lives and our personality traits.  There effects on human being is astrology. Indian astrology also known as jyotish vidya or vadic astrology that includes planets, their effects, Pooja path, rituals, Auspicious times to do something good, Zodiac signs, birth charts verses western astrology somehow only includes zodiac signs.  I am an Indian astrologer Pandit RK Sharma, So people asked me about this question many times. As an Astrologer i try to satisfy them with my answers  some times they got more curious about it. That is why i am writing this blog to answer this question in a wider prospect. According to the study done by he Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life of America Over 70 million of people read daily horoscope and approx one third of the american believe “it is sort of scientific” as it includes calculations, a lot of study and not only one but hundreds of predictions about people comes true everyday. Even you can get a four year astrological degree at the Kepler College for Astrological Education in Seattle, Washington.


Myths about astrology




  • If you ask me then answer is straight yes. 
  • Yes astrology is an ancient science.
  • yes astrological predictions got true on daily basis
  • yes daily horoscope can effect you in a vast way (read it in detail)


Even reading the daily horoscope has become ritual for many people. Even the magazines, newspapers provide daily horoscope to increase their sale. I still remember that how students of our school try to read horoscope before teacher arriving at school. As it was a fun activity also. As after prediction Getting true it added fun to it.

3 Myths About Astrology You Should Stop Believing

Best Pandit in India  want to talk about how ancient Indian science, which can explain your full life and can tell about your daily life  which is often misunderstood by people.

Myth #1:Astrology is just a fun pastime.

As i said above reading horoscope was a fun activity in our times. But it often misunderstood as the daily horoscope which is given in two lines cannot fully explains it. Although people read it for fun but it has a really deep relation with your past life and of course glimpses of your future. You can get lots of benefits from it if you use it deliberately not “for fun only”. Daily horoscope is a tool which can be used to control your life and achieving your life goals. to use it fully we need to clear up some misconceptions about it.

Myth #2: Astrology related to magic.

Astrology really not related to magic in a some way or another. People who are not familiar with astrology often confuse it with magic. astrology is just a study of planets and stars and their position at the time of your birth. Its study is needed dedication, people spent their life to learn about this ancient science that for common people astrologers looks little bit mysterious, for them they are the person who can float in air doing meditation but believe me their is nothing like this. Although many astrologers practicing Black Magic and vashikaran, But these these are the totally different subjects. Like PAndit RK Sharma the best pandit of India is an astrologer, black magic specialist and vashikaran specialist. People also got overwhelmed with the get up of astrologers as they wear long tilk on forehead, beaded malla in hands and some of the astrologer often wear attire which is not common for common people.

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Myth #3: Birth chart only related to your birth time.

 no it is not true it has a more importance and deeper meaning of it.

What is birth chart?

As common people know pandits and astrologer make it according to the positions of stars and planets.{micro blogging} 

Your birth chart is a result of previous birth's deeds. According to vadic astrology a person got birth  on earth again and again until it does not get Mukti. After death only subconscious mind remains which got  activated after birth and your previous birth's deeds effect your birth chart. “In short your birth chart is a blue print of your life according to the previous birth's deeds”

This is all for today in my next blog i m gonna talk about 13 Things about astrology you didn't know about for more information you can visit our site www.gururksharma.com or you can also Contact us +91-7814376035 for any kind of life problem to solve it with astrological way. 



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