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Natural ingredients can be incredibly effective. When brought together just right, natural ingredients can work in harmony with the skin and complement the skin’s natural processes. But what makes natural ingredients so special? Much of it has to do with their simplicity. It’s become easier to find skincare products made with minimally processed, natural ingredients. This simplicity brings you closer to the source and your skin can reap the rewards as a result. Here’s a look at three natural ingredients that fit this description beautifully. They’re used in clean skincare and they can help you achieve incredible results.

Arrowroot Powder Absorbs Excess Moisture

Arrowroot powder is, as the name suggests, derived from the arrowroot plant. It’s used in skincare as well as cooking and baking. As a starch, it’s used in place of more traditional starch ingredients, like cornstarch. The big difference is it’s grain-free and gluten-free, making it ideal for those with a gluten sensitivity. In skincare, however, it’s highly versatile. When used in dry shampoo, it works to absorb moisture, helping you achieve even-toned locks not weighed down by excess oil in between full washings. It’s lightweight which means you won’t lose volume when used as a dry shampoo ingredient. In many cases, it can add volume, as well as help improve texture. Because of its white color, it’s common in dry shampoo for light hair. However, when incorporated with cocoa powder (which also absorbs moisture), its ability to blend with darker hair is improved.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Calms Skin

Irritated skin can be, well, irritating. Skincare products made with extra virgin coconut oil can help calm the skin. If you’re prone to dry or reddening skin, or your skin is easily irritated, extra virgin coconut oil may help make a positive difference. It’s not uncommon, for instance, for people to give up on deodorant because they’re constantly left with red and irritated skin. It can hurt to put on deodorant or other skincare products. The answer may be to go as gentle as possible. Rely on simple, natural ingredients. Use an unscented, non toxic deodorant made with extra virgin coconut oil. The emphasis is on simplicity. The more ingredients you put on your skin, the more your skin has to contend with.

Shea Butter Helps Keep Skin Moisturized

Shea butter is a beloved ingredient. When carefully paired with other simple, natural ingredients in skincare products, it can make a big difference. Again, simplicity is key when you want to get the most out of this moisturizing ingredient. You want a few powerful ingredients, each with a purpose. To that effect, try a baby soap bar. Baby soap bars are made with the most sensitive skin in mind. A baby soap bar made with shea butter is no exception. Shea butter can help soothe sensitive skin, but its biggest contribution in this type of gentle cleanser is a moisturizer. It helps lock in precious moisture which the skin needs to thrive—to look and feel amazing.

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