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Even the most experienced trend-follower has questions about different aspects of fashion. You might wonder when to stop wearing summer dresses or which pieces you can wear well into fall. Sometimes, you just have to follow your fashionable heart. Other times, you dig a little deeper. The three following questions are perfect to ask at the end of summer when you’re planning for various events and occasions and transitioning your wardrobe for a different season.

What Makes a Party Dress a Party Dress?

When it comes to party dresses, there’s more than one kind. So, what sets them apart? Some, you reserve for swanky anniversary parties, fancy New Year’s Eve parties, and school dances. They might be floor-length and embellished with intricate beading, lace, or feather-light fabrics. Then, there are the styles you wear to your friend’s house when they turn 21 or the dress you feel comfortable wearing on your first date at a nice restaurant.

So, what makes stylish date night dresses fit into the party dress category too? It’s that you wear them to a party. The secret is out—party dresses are just chic dresses with on-trend designs that you wear to parties.

How Many New Dresses Do You Need in One Season?

Do you limit the number of dresses or new outfits you buy in a season? If you’ve been trying to figure out how many new dresses you need in one season, think: Is it wedding season? Do you have lots of events happening? Is it the start of a new school year? You might want to pick up at least three dresses for juniors at the beginning of a new season. But this is also the kind of question that deserves a throwback answer from a retro movie: “The limit does not exist.”

Should Rompers Look Like Dresses?

With the wave of fashionable rompers that appeared this season in collections of casual juniors dresses, you might have wondered if rompers should look like dresses. Shouldn’t they be their own thing? Not necessarily. Rompers are one-piece ensembles with short-style bottoms. That’s what makes them so attractive to people who like to wear cute outfits without worrying about what’s appropriate. Rompers can bring a hemline up a little higher on hotter days, keep your legs comfortable in the warmth, and help you avoid flashing too much skin. So, if you see a charming little dress and realize it’s a romper, there’s no harm. Rompers are allowed to look like dresses.

So, what do you think? Did these answers satisfy your style curiosity? As someone keeping their eyes on the trends, making decisions that bring you to a unique place in the fashion world is essential. Even if you want to be in tune with the current styles, you can infuse your look with a sense of individualism. It will ultimately make answers to fashion questions entirely dependent on your goal. You might want to say that the only important question to answer is, “What is my style goal today?” Well, that and “What should I wear today?”

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