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The holidays are just around the corner, and with the temperatures dropping and your schedule getting progressively more packed, it’s easy to put proper skincare on the back burner. There’s no reason your skin needs to suffer during all that holiday prep work.

From nourishing vanilla body butter to natural and non toxic dry shampoos, here are some of the best ways to keep your skin happy and healthy during the busy holiday season.

Nourish Your Skin with Vanilla Body Butter

As a popular alternative to body lotion, vanilla body butter is excellent for combating cold weather’s tendency to dry out your skin. Thick and rich in Vitamins A, D, E, and K, it offers all natural ingredients with little to no water. Tallow from grass-fed cows helps provide your skin with much-needed moisture, while organic mango butter, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil give it a welcome boost in nourishment.

As a bonus, vanilla body butter smells just as great as it feels. Organic almond extract and organic vanilla give the butter a luxurious frosting-like aroma, with easy application making it the perfect start or finish to a busy day.

Stay Fresh with Organic Deodorant

Let’s be honest: the holidays can be more than a little chaotic. There are family gatherings to plan and gifts to buy, and you still have to find time to keep everything in order. With all that running around, it’s easy to forget or even skip parts of a daily routine, like putting on deodorant.

With deodorant being such an integral part of the day, it makes sense to opt for the superior freshness of an all natural, organic deodorant. Formulated to help your body sweat the way it should, organic deodorant contains small amounts of baking soda to combat odor, kaolin clay to detoxify, and other natural ingredients such as fair trade coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and essential oils. Best of all, organic deodorant goes on virtually transparent, with no worries of staining your clothing.

Soothe Your Scalp with Non Toxic Dry Shampoo

Given the season, it might be just as easy to miss or rationalize missing a hair wash or two. There’s no reason your scalp needs to suffer beyond the summer months. In fact, the right non toxic dry shampoo can extend the life of your hairstyle in between washes, minimizing excess oil and adding texture and volume.

Organic essential oils of grapefruit, peppermint, and lavender provide much-needed nourishment to your hair, soothing your scalp and stimulating hair growth. Best of all, the application of dry shampoo is quick and easy. Apply a few shakes to your roots, and voila! You’re good to go. With two different dry shampoo formulas for light or dark hair, blending into your specific shade is seamless.

About Primally Pure

Primally Pure has the real, wholesome skincare you’ve been looking for. Each skin and hair care product is made with natural ingredients sourced for purity and potency. Did you know tallow from grass-fed cows is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing? That’s why you’ll find it in Primally Pure’s Non Toxic Deodorant, Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, and more. You’ll also find wholesome ingredients in their baby soap bar and Natural Dry Shampoo. This approach extends to their wellness tools, such as their Gua Sha stone and dry brushes. They have everything you need for a wellness routine that gives back to your skin and whole self. Their plentiful resources, like videos teaching invigorating dry brush face and body techniques, help you get the most out of your favorite Primally Pure products.

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