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For every mom with daycare-going and early school-age kids, chaos begins every morning—or from the moment the kids open their eyes, depending on how you look at it—and clothing name labels are one of those little things in life that might make things just a little bit easier!


If you’re not a mom, you’d think that’s an exaggeration, but if you’re one of us, you’d be nodding your head with a total air of wisdom like someone who knows something others can only remain blissfully ignorant of.

After all, not only do you have to get those little hands and unsteady feet ready to leave on time every single morning, but you also have to make sure they have everything they’ll need with them when they do. But it doesn’t end there.

You’ll start to worry about them. You’ll worry about how they’ll manage without you. You’ll worry they’ll lose their things at school and daycare. And this is when name clothing tags will be your lifesaver.

If you still can’t picture how clothing labels can be every mom’s best friend, below are the top reasons why and why, if you’re not using them, you should soon.

1. Name identification skills
You can always grab a waterproof fabric marker and label all your kid’s clothing yourself. The problem with that option, however, is the very obvious one: what if your child can’t read yet?

So the beauty of personalized clothing labels and tags comes from the same. Because they can come in all colors, shapes, and all other distinguishing marks that a small child can identify, they don’t have to read what the letters say to know it’s theirs.

What this does is not only help kids identify their own stuff when you’re not around to help them but also get them familiar with how their names look like that they’ll learn to identify their names without having to read them.

2. Neat and nice label
We’re not all blessed with good penmanship or sewing skills to simply sew in names right onto our children’s garments. So neatly printed custom clothing labels are not only very welcome but also easy for everyone to read. A clearly legible clothing name label is the better choice if you want anyone to be able to easily identify what you are labeling.

All in all, they are great looking and functional as well. Durable school labels won't fade and you’ll benefit from your very readable label for a long time, reducing hassle and simply making parents’ lives a bit easier.

3. Keep your sanity
The best reason to have clothing name labels is, you’ll be able to keep your sanity! You won’t always worry about your child’s stuff getting misplaced and lost. In a parent’s world, this is huge.

Also, because there are custom cloth name labels that you can order with your phone number on them, if your child’s belongings were to end up in another child’s possession, the parent or the caretaker can always contact you to return the item straight back to you.

Sticky Monkey Labels: Every Mom’s Best Friend
If you need clothing name labels, Sticky Monkey Labels is the answer. Their labels “understand” where moms are coming from because the company is owned by a mom herself! Your every concern is also the company’s every concern.

You can’t stop the chaos, but you can definitely stop the worry—or at least keep your sanity. Visit their website and order your labels today.

For more information about School Labels and Name Labels Please visit: Sticky Monkey Labels.


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