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It may be 2024, but digital watches are still as relevant as ever when it comes to exercise and athletics. Digital watches, including sport watches, have been an athletics staple for decades. Plus, they’ve been refined and reimagined over the years. These days, you can find a sport watch that meets your needs—and matches your look.

Sport watches are loaded with features you can use while running, biking, interval training, or however you like to stay active. Even in a world full of smartwatches, digital watches have their place. They keep things simple so you can stay focused. As you train for your next 5K or hit the gym to stay fit, here are a few more reasons to wear a digital sport watch.

Time Your Activity

In training and athletics, timing can be super important. This is where your digital sport watch excels. With a quick tap of the function button, you can start or stop the timer—or any of the sport watch functions like lap timers, pacers, and countdowns.

That’s one of the best parts about digital watches: the functions are easy to access and use. If you’re someone who likes to jump into exercise as quickly as possible, functions that are easy to access and simple to use can make a huge difference.

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

When you’re training, the last thing you want are distractions or disruptions. While smartwatches boast flashy functions for exercise, training, and athletics, they can also be a major source of distraction. For some people, the top distraction is all the notifications you can get on your watch. From text messages to emails to missed calls, notifications can instantly disrupt your favorite form of exercise.

Distractionisn’t just limited to checking notifications—it’s also any disruption to your focus. Notification vibrations, sounds, and other indicators can break your focus, causing you to lose sight of what you’re doing. It can throw off your whole session. When it comes to distractions and disruptions, your digital sport watch is the solution that, once again, keeps things simple.

Your Motivational Factor

A huge part of any fitness routine is having momentum and motivation behind your goals. Motivation can get you excited to push forward. It gets you from one milestone to the next. With a sport watch, you can get motivated. How can something like a digital sport watch get you pumped for every session? It’s all in seeing the time.

Whether you’re using the stopwatch function or simply tracking your time with the clock, you can see how far you’ve pushed yourself on a jog or at the gym. You can use your sport watch to jot down times and track progress as you work toward a fitness goal. Seeing your times—and seeing how you improve—are major motivators. They can be your driving force to keep you going and all it starts with a glance at your trusty digital sport watch.

About Armitron®

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