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When you travel, you pack the essentials. You load up your smartphone with the latest podcasts. You charge your headphones (and keep the charging cable nearby). You download a new book onto your e-reader or pack a paperback. The list goes on—though you try to keep it short and not overdo it.

But what about your watch?

An analog watch may very well be the ultimate travel companion. It’s something you can rely on as you travel across time zones, continents, and seas. It’s something that doesn’t need to be plugged in and you can adjust it, as needed, in seconds. From mens black watches to womens gold-toned watches, what makes an analog watch such a great travel choice?

Keep Track of Time Back Home

When you travel, knowing the time of your home base can be just as important as knowing the time where you land. Some travelers opt to keep their analog watches unchanged as they traverse time zones. Whether you’re a couple of time zones—or several time zones—away from home, keeping track of time back home can be essential.

A large part of it can come down to communication. If you’re in regular contact with folks at home or work, you may need to know the time so you aren’t sending texts or making calls during “off hours.” It keeps everyone on the same page and can streamline the flow of communication. Digital watches can also fit the bill for keeping track of the time back home, but it’s attribute of analog watches that sets them apart.

A Versatile Fashion Statement for Any Occasion

Analog watches can be a versatile fashion statement for just about any occasion. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you never know where you might end up—even if you have a planned itinerary. Digital watches can be versatile too, but they might not be quite as versatile when it comes to looking your best while at dinner or during an evening out.

With an analog watch, like one with a sleek black dial analog watch with an equally sleek black metal bracelet, you have a piece you can conveniently dress up. And you can wear it casually, too, as you go about your day while traveling. An analog watch effortlessly looks great in any setting.

Stay on Top of the Time as You Travel

This last reason is reason enough to wear any watch while traveling—analog, digital, or otherwise. When you’re traveling domestically or abroad, you need to stay on top of your schedule. You may have a train to catch or an upcoming flight. With a watch, you can see the time in a split-second glance. You don’t need to dig out your phone or search for a clock at the terminal.

That said, when you have an analog watch, you can keep track of the time effortlessly. That’s essentially all it does. There’s no screen clutter or distractions to get in the way of crucial information. It’s simplicity at its finest!

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