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Whether you’re still rocking your old lever-action or have outfitted yourself with an AR-15, you’ve likely seen your fair share of gun accessories and kits over the years. From new holsters to ammo belts, the right gun accessories can make shooting an absolute joy, adding comfort, accuracy, and efficiency to an already loved hobby.

Another popular accessory, a gun sling can often be one of the most versatile tools in any gun owner’s arsenal, helping them carry and deploy their favorite firearm seamlessly. Here are three reasons every gun owner deserves a new gun sling.

They Make Hunting and Shooting Easier

Right off the bat, it’s essential to talk about how much easier hunting and shooting are when you have the right equipment. Different firearms have different weights and requirements associated with them. A rifle will automatically be heavier than a pistol, and firing a shotgun is a far different experience than using a semi-automatic.

By their nature, gun and rifle slings are designed to help make your hunting and shooting much more manageable. Carrying any weapon with your bare hands is relatively unsafe and tiring, especially for long periods of time. By using a gun or rifle sling, you free up both hands to concentrate on other activities, whether that’s moving toward your target, finding needed ammunition, or setting up for the perfect shot.

Gun and Rifle Slings Provide Better Mobility

With single, double, and triple points of attachment, gun and rifle slings help provide substantially more mobility with your weapon, especially for gun owners who might not be as fast or as agile as others. Shooting or traveling with a firearm for long periods can be tiring. The proper support is crucial, especially for more extended hunting trips or treks into the woods for target practice.

When it comes time to use your weapon, it’s important to know that you can quickly move your gun from your carrying shoulder to your shooting shoulder, if they differ. Since not all slings are created equal, finding the right type for you or a loved one becomes that much more critical.

Gun Slings Help Improve Accuracy

The right sling for rifle and gun owners can improve accuracy and ease handling and mobility. Precision is everything when using a weapon, and whether you’re out in the field or on your favorite range, you want to know that you’ll never be compromised in your targeting.

Because the gun receives adequate support from the sling, the right amount of mechanical tension is added to the gun position rather than relying on your body’s musculature. Because good marksmanship is about consistency, you effectively remove stability variables like muscle fatigue or shaking when under tension. In the end, this helps you to land better shots much more often.

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