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From birthdays to Christmas to getting top marks in school, there are many reasons to give a child a new toy. A new toy brings fun and joy into any child’s world. It brings along feelings of excitement and encourages imagination. With so many options in shops today, there’s one name that brings excitement and imagination few toys can match: LEGO.

LEGO celebrates their 90th anniversary this year, marking decades of bringing joy to children around the world. There’s a reason why LEGO has endured for 90 years. LEGO is a toy that comes with much more than bricks and pieces. It comes with endless possibilities. Here are three reasons why LEGO has been so popular for so long and why it makes the perfect gift for the children in your life.

LEGO Encourages Imaginative Play

Inside every box of LEGO is a world waiting to be built. As children open their new set, they’re greeted with a dazzling assortment of bricks and colours. What those bricks represent is more than the sum of their parts. As a child builds the set, they learn new building techniques and new ways to use each brick. It encourages creativity as they apply these new techniques to their latest project.

Of course, when a set comes together into a finished build, that alone is a reason to celebrate—and play! When a child builds a LEGO Friends set or a LEGO City set, they have a new miniature world to discover. It may be taking care of tiny animals at the LEGO Friends veterinarian clinic or exploring space with one of the many LEGO City lunar mission sets.

Children Are Never Limited by What’s on the Box

If you played with LEGO as a child, you may remember a time when LEGO boxes and instruction manuals showcased alternate builds. While many newer sets don’t feature alternative builds outside of the LEGO Creator series, creativity is a big part of what makes LEGO unique and such a special toy to gift.

While the child can build what’s on the box, you can also encourage them to take it apart and build something new. They’re never limited to what’s on the packaging. The great thing about taking apart a set is that, if they decide they want the original toy back, they have the instruction booklet to make it happen. It makes creativity easy, and they can stray beyond the booklet without worry.

There’s Always Something New to Discover

LEGO is always changing with the times. There are always new themes and sets to discover. Many of the themes have been around for years—if not longer. Did you know LEGO has been producing Star Wars toys since 1999? 23 years! Of course, they’ve been making LEGO City sets for much longer.

For this year, you can be sure there’s going to be much more for children to discover. Who knows the magic they can experience in the realm of Harry Potter toys? Maybe something new at Platform 9 ¾? When there’s always something to find around every corner, the creativity never ends!

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