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Working as a Sewer Experts territory manager for 18 years, I’ve seen the rise of sewer jetting. Innovations in jetting technology have given plumbers and Denver drain cleaning specialists increasingly powerful tools that can efficiently tackle even the toughest cleaning jobs, and — as a result — jetters are more popular than ever before.

Although more and more of my customers are jetting today than what I first encountered it in the 1990s, there are still some who hesitate to take the leap and add a sewer jetter to their equipment lineup. I can understand their concern; sewer jetters are big-ticket items, typically far more expensive than a top-of-the-line cable machine, and they present an entirely new approach to drain cleaning that takes some time to master.

But the payoff from these machines is nearly a guarantee in today’s market, and it can happen much quicker than most people realize. Here are the top three reasons why I believe sewer jetting can grow your business:

1.)  Jetters can do jobs that cable machines cannot do reasonably.

When I provide an on-site demonstration of one of our jetters in action, customers often tell me how a jetter would’ve been useful during a particularly difficult job they had in the weeks prior. The fact of the matter is, cable machines simply cannot do it all — or at least cannot do all jobs as quickly or efficiently as you or your client would like them done.

The benefit of adding a jetter to your arsenal is that they combine cutting and flushing power to speed up the cleaning process, which especially works better when scouring bigger pipes and longer runs. (No more lugging 100-plus feet of cable.)  Therefore, jobs you had to turn down in the past because they just weren’t feasible or couldn’t be completed in the timeline your client provided are now possible.

For example, a customer who recently purchased a Warrior performed 20 jobs in the first month with his new jetter, jobs that would have been out of reach beforehand. With the additional revenue their jetters provide, many plumbing and drain cleaning businesses can move up to the next level in the industry.

2.)  Jetters pay for themselves quickly.

While jetters are bound to be much more expensive than cable machines, sticker shock does not need to discourage you. The additional cleaning jobs they can perform — plus the higher rates you can charge for the use of an advanced technology — means that your jetter will be making you money before you know it.

And jetting isn’t just for pipes; with the simple addition of a washdown kit, you can take on other kinds of jobs that require high-pressure water, such as exterior house cleaning, parking garage cleaning, shipyard and marina cleaning, restaurant cleaning, vehicle cleaning … there are tons of possibilities.

Plain and simple, jetters are moneymakers, and once customers see them in action (and the results they produce) they are hooked. Spartan stands by ready to help you with financing options also. With our help, we will make sure your Spartan Tool jetter is a success.

3.)  We’re here to help, every step of the way.

You’re not in this alone. From training you on-site, to performing safety inspections, to recommending replacement parts and accessories, Sewer Experts territory managers and field service technicians will make sure your jetter is always running efficiently and safely. I think this one-on-one support is a big reason why so many of our jetter customers are so successful.

“Before I bought one I didn’t think I needed it, and now that I have one I don’t know how I lived without it.” I have heard this more times than I can count. Jetting has become a major player in the sewer and drain cleaning industry.


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