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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner’s Drain Pan Is Overflowing

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Standing water in the drain pan of your air conditioner is a sure symptom of trouble. This difficulty could be caused by a number of factors. Everything should be addressed as soon as feasible.

If you notice water gathering in your air conditioner, give our professionals a call as soon as possible for a rapid and effective AC repair that will have your system back in working order as soon as feasible.

The Drain Pipe Is Clogged

The most common reason for standing water in the drain pan is a clogged drain pipe. The air cools and loses humidity when it flows through the evaporator coils in your air conditioner. This moisture is left behind as condensation on the coils. Condensation drips into the condensate drain pipe and exits the system via the drain line.

Unfortunately, water isn't the only thing that frequently accumulates on the evaporator coil. The air that flows over these coils can also leave dust and grime behind. If dirt gets into the water, it can migrate down the drain line and eventually produce a clog.

The Evaporator Coil Is Freeze-Dried

Dripping water from a frozen evaporator coil will leave clear evidence of moisture in your drain pan. If your refrigerant levels are low, the evaporator coil is more likely to freeze. Low refrigerant levels are frequently indicative of a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system.

Your system was not properly installed

If your air conditioner was not properly installed, the Condensate Drain Pan may be tilted incorrectly. Novices or those attempting a do-it-yourself installation may overlook this easy yet critical alignment. The drain exit should be on the pan's lower side, so that water flows towards it. Water will pool before draining if the outlet is on the other side of the pan.

Stable supports beneath the drain pan are also required to keep the pan in place and to support the bottom. Without these, the pan may sag, allowing water to pool. If the water in your drain pan is the result of an installation issue, make the appropriate changes to your air conditioner so that water can drain quickly and properly again.


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