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Apple’s MacBook lineup is known for its resilience. You might have a 2012 MacBook Pro that keeps up with your day-to-day tasks (for the most part). Or you might have a 2016 MacBook that boots up with flying colors. Of course, you might also have your eye on a newer model and are thinking about upgrading. But does it make sense to upgrade? There are always reasons to move to a newer Apple device, but it makes the most sense when you do it for the right reasons. If you’re looking for a reason (or an excuse) to upgrade, here’s a look at three signs that now is the right time to trade in your current device for a newer generation model.

Your Battery Life Isn’t What It Used to Be

This is going to happen no matter what. Lithium-ion batteries—the batteries found in MacBooks—degrade over time. Apple strives to optimize battery health, but time and use will take their toll. Newer MacBooks can last several hours to a full day on a single charge (though it’s entirely dependent on your processing needs). Battery technology also improves year-to-year, meaning that every new model should have better battery life, in theory. If mobility and battery life are a concern, making that MacBook trade in and sourcing a newer model can make a difference. After all, it’s no fun when you’re out and about working on your MacBook, and the battery is on its last legs—especially if you left your charger at home or work.

Your Apps Aren’t Optimized

Over time, many app developers stop supporting or optimizing older versions of their apps. When that happens, said apps might not function as well as they should. At the same time, you may be missing out on the latest updates and features. If your device is old enough, you may not be able to upgrade to the newest version of Mac OS either. When you rely on certain apps for work, freelancing, content creation, or anything else, not having optimized apps can hinder your productivity, which can impact your bottom line. That’s why it’s worth considering upgrading to a newer model.

Your Performance Is Sluggish

Performance is another one of those things that can take a hit over time. With years of use, you might start to notice that the overall performance of your MacBook isn’t what it used to be. It might still boot up and do what you need it to do, but it takes more time. Computers, in general, can become slower over time and with regular use. There are many reasons for it and it can be hard to fix, especially as the device gets older. As you wait for your device to boot up or apps to open, that’s time lost. Once again, that can impact your ability to remain productive. Trading in your older device for that shiny, new MacBook Air 13 inch model with an M1 chip (or any of Apple’s recent drops) is one option to overcome this issue—and a good one at that!

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