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If you lead a modern, busy lifestyle, it can feel challenging to fit in quality bonding time with your baby. But a huge part of bonding with your little one is simply keeping them close—babies bond with their parents and family members through close contact and smells. Hearing and feeling your heartbeat are other ways of bonding with and calming your baby. Sling baby wraps are the perfect accessory to connect with your baby, no matter what you have on your schedule. They allow you to move freely while your baby is safely snug and secure on your chest. Here are some simple and easy ways you can use your baby sling wrap to bond with your little one.

Breastfeeding With a Sling Baby Wrap

There are so many little benefits to using your sling baby carrier for breastfeeding, whether that means hands-free breastfeeding or discreet nursing in public. We know that babies bond with their mamas during breastfeeding, and you never want to pass up on an opportunity to breastfeed your baby at the perfect time for them. A sling baby carrier allows you to get that quality time breastfeeding no matter where you are. Experiment with different positions to find the one that works best for you and your baby, and make sure that your little one has a clear source of air while feeding. Hands-free nursing is as easy as that.

Do Calming Activities Like Light Yoga

One challenge of having a new baby can be finding the time for your regular exercise routine back into your schedule. But with a hands-free baby sling, light exercise like light yoga or even chair yoga can be the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your baby at the same time. When your baby’s body moves with yours, and you two are belly to belly, it can help keep both you and your baby calm and relaxed. You can even find yoga classes or routines specifically designed for parents doing yoga with their babies. Just make sure to get an okay from your doctor, and you and your little one will be well on your way to bonding through movement.

Stroller Free Walking with Your Little One

Babies love exploring the world outside of their homes, and some fresh air is just as good for parents too. Keep the stroller at home when you can and opt for carrying your baby in a sling as an excellent option for introducing them to the outside world. You can order a specially designed cotton wrap baby carrier that allows for added airflow to ensure that you and your baby stay nice and cool during those summer walks. Enjoying regular walks with your baby is another excellent form of light, low-impact exercise that helps you bond with your little one.

About Baby K’tan

As a parent, you always want to promote bonding and contact with your little one while keeping them safe and comfortable. With a variety of products tested for quality and safety, the baby carriers from Baby K’tan are exactly what you need. Founded in 2007, Baby K’tan designs baby carriers in the form of high-quality slings, wraps, and other babywearing essentials. Their ready-to-wear products allow parents, caregivers, and family members to carry babies between eight and 35 pounds without snaps, buckles, or rings. Breastfeeding moms get a distraction-free space to nourish their baby, while dads and other caregivers also have a secure way to comfortably bond with and carry their little ones. The seven styles from Baby K’tan offer an ideal way for you and your baby to safely experience the world together.

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