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3 Social Media Management Packages That Won’t Break the Bank

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If you’ve ever tried to manage your own social media accounts, you’re probably familiar with the time-suck that it can create. In order to keep up on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you have to constantly monitor them throughout the day—and that means being online more often than you really want to be. Whether you run an online business or just want to increase your social media presence, this guide will help you find the perfect social media management package for your needs.

1) Package 1: The Basic

We offer a social media management package that includes account setup, custom templates, QR code, daily posting, and response to comments. We call this package The Basic because it's perfect for those just starting out who need to get their name out there quickly and cheaply. We also provide spam removal on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You'll never see your posts disappear into oblivion! Package 2: The All-Inclusive: You don't have time to worry about managing your social media presence? No problem! With our All-Inclusive package you'll get account setup, custom templates, QR codes (1 per platform), daily postings across all platforms in your chosen language(s) of preference and responses to comments. Furthermore, we do SEO keyword marketing Perth for your business. Your posts will be strategically tailored to increase relevancy with potential customers based on what they're looking for online.

We do everything from monitoring keywords, identifying trending hashtags and tracking the competition so that we can help grow your business through social media. Contact us today if you're ready to take the first step towards increasing your visibility online!

2) Package 2: The Custom

A custom package is perfect for businesses that have some social media experience. A custom package includes account setup, custom templates, QR code, daily posting, responses to comments, and spam removal on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is a great option for people who want everything to be just right or those who already have a specific style in mind. If you're ready to take your social media presence to the next level then this is a must-have package! Package 2 will give you full control of your social media profiles including the timeline, cover photos, background images, profile pictures and much more. Package 3: The Essentials: The essentials include account setup with logo/banner customization, custom templates, QR code (which includes an infographic), weekly updates of your posts on all platforms with a response to every comment as well as spam removal from Facebook/Twitter/Google+. It's perfect for beginners or small business owners who only have time to focus on one platform at a time while still getting the essential posts up on their other accounts. For example, if they choose to post primarily on Instagram but would like the ability to share photos from across social media platforms, then this is a good option. Package 1: The Starter: For our clients that are looking for an affordable way to get started with social journalism and don't want any extra frills, we offer our Starter social media management package which includes account setup (or transfer) plus basic template design for Facebook and Twitter.

3) Package 3: The Comprehensive

For a one-time payment of $349, you'll receive: account setup, custom templates, QR code, daily posting, responses to comments and spam removal. Our team will post content on your social media accounts at least four times per day. You can add more services for an additional fee. With our monthly service, you'll get posts each month for just $99/month. Check out our website for details about these affordable packages and how we can help take care of all your social media needs.


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