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A lot of people have shifted away from traditional sport watches in favor of smartwatches paired with smartphones. However, the “old school” sport watch continues to be the reigning champ when it comes to complementing the active lifestyle.

This spring,whether you’re an outdoor runner, an avid hiker, or simply love to keep moving no matter the activity—a sport watch can be your constant companion. It’s the kind of watch that can keep things simple and is more lightweight to carry—while still delivering all sorts of key features. Here are three spring activities where the sport watch still shines.

Training at the Track

As the weather improves, a lot of runners will be returning to the outdoor track. Whether you run casually or you’re training for a specific purpose, such as an upcoming race you want to know how you’re doing as you make lap after lap. Digital watches come with functions to help you collect this crucial data.

One of those functions is the lap timer. Some digital watches allow you to save lap times as a sort of “lap memo.” This way, you can track and compare times to determine where you want to improve. When it comes to training and going after fitness-related goals, being able to track your time can be invaluable.

Hiking Your Favorite Trails

Depending on where you live, some of your favorite hiking trails may close during the cold weather months. They might close because they’re inaccessible or too muddy. As spring arrives, your favorite trails may start to reopen, which means you’re ready to be the first one out there.

A sport watch can be one of those trail tools you don’t want to leave behind. For one, it keeps you constantly informed on the time. If you have somewhere else to be, you know when it’s time to head back. Secondly, a classic sport watch gives you all kinds of functionality (alarms, stopwatch, time tracker, etc.) without a data connection. It doesn’t matter how far you are from cell service—the functions just work. If you’re hiking out of data range, your watch will continue to work, worry-free.

Biking Around the City and Beyond

Biking is another one of those quintessential spring activities. Now that the weather is improving in many parts of the country, more people are pedaling to and from work, around the city, along trails, and everywhere else. And, just like hiking, you may need to know the time while you’re out and about.

However, unlike hiking, glancing down can mean taking your eyes off the road. This is where digital sport watches can truly shine. Some sport watches are designed with highly legible digital displays. You can see the time in big, bold numbers at a quick glance. Of course, you can track your ride with timer functions or race yourself with the stopwatch. If you’re working on improving your biking times on a particular route, tracking your time with a sport watch is essential.

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