3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Sundarban Tour Guide

“If you are planning to visit the beautiful mangrove forests of Sundarban, make sure to hire a worthy Tour Guide. Here are some things to consider before hiring a tour guide”.

If you are bored of visiting hill stations and sea beaches for vacations, then bingo! You’ve landed upon the right article that would suggest you pay a visit to the dense, mangrove region in the Bay of Bengal, and that is none other than, Sundarban. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a very popular place for tiger conservation under the ‘Project Tiger’, Sundarban is definite a magnificent tourist spot for those who want to visually treat their eyes with loads of greener.

However, if you are planning to visit this place without a tour guide, then give it a second thought. This place isn’t just another “exotic spot”, you will need to book the best tour package that comes with a professional Sundarban Tour Guide who can take you to the popular spots, make you feel comfortable, and overall guide you well. But, before you opt for a tour package, you have to scrutinize certain things about the guide which the travel agency is about to provide.

Here are some really important things that you’ll need to consider. Please read on.

They Must Be Experienced

Just like any other services you hire, before hiring a Sundarban Tour Guide, make sure you check his/her experience. If he or she is not experienced enough in managing tours and groups, then there are high chances that you might not enjoy thoroughly or may miss out on some of the major sites of this amazing mangrove region. So, do not forget to check his experience.

They Must Be Qualified

Along with the experience, qualification plays are very vital role; after all, they are the ones who act as a bridge between you and their country or territory. Most of the Cheap Sundarban Tour Packages provide guides who simply rattle off the history of the region that they have learned during their training period. So, you need to keep a check on that.

They Must Have Certain Personal Skills

Apart from being able to tell you the authentic, historical facts about a place and translate the local language, he/she should have certain personal skills. For instance, he or she should be punctual, patient, humorous, helpful and enough enthusiastic.

They Must Listen As Much As They Speak

Travel guides must have yet another quality and that is the ability to listen as much as they speak. This helps them know you as a person and not just a tourist and as a result, they deliver the best experience possible to you and your mates/family. Hence, while picking a tour package, request the travel agency to mix a meeting with the guide. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, then you can strike a telephonic conversation or do a video call; thanks to the boon – ‘The Digital Age’!

So, now that you are aware of the things to consider before choosing a tour guide, make sure you follow them thoroughly! And to know more about a Cheap Sundarban Package Tour, read my articles and blogs regularly!

Author Bio: Robin is a regular blogger who shares various travel tips that help people to plan an enjoyable trip. Here, he has shared tips on Sundarban tours. Read his articles to know more.


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