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Standing out in the tech industry has become more challenging as the years go on. With all sorts of new products being released every year, how can your company draw customers to your latest offering? From gaining credibility and trust with potential consumers to partnering with an explainer video production company, here are a few ways you can help your products stand out by featuring professionals in your marketing efforts.

Use Professionals to Educate Your Audience

When you need to educate your audience about a new product, professionals are the most qualified people to speak about its use cases. They use your tech in their everyday lives and know how to make the most of it. What’s more effective: an influencer reading from a script or an industry expert who uses your gear as part of their job? If you partner with a complete product education platform with the capabilities of a promotional video production company, make sure they feature professionals in their videos. They know the tips and tricks and can speak with authority and credibility. This can help your brand and products strike a nerve with your audience. It can also help set their expectations, especially if they have a clear picture of how your product could fit into their daily life.

Authentic Reviews Help You Stand Out

The tech industry, and especially the gaming sector, benefit greatly from authentic reviews. Unfortunately, hosts of fake reviews are all too common. The variety of ways to cut corners and create inauthentic reviews is ever-growing, but there are strategies you can use to counteract that trend. In fact, it only makes real reviews that much more powerful. As such, the medium of the review can play an important role in how other consumers perceive it. This is why a video review allows anyone who’s interested in your product to see firsthand how it works. It’s hard to fake video reviews, and in the tech world, it can be the determining factor that helps your brand build consumer trust.

Tech Consumers Values Trust and Credibility

To that end, tech consumers value trust and credibility. With these two pillars of honest marketing, your product has the best chance for success. This is why it’s essential to partner with a reliable product education platform with all the capabilities of the best explainer video companies. You want professionals who have real industry experience to show how your product has added value to their daily routine. Whether they are a pro gamer using a GPU or a streamer using your newest microphone and lighting setup, they can speak honestly about your offerings. If influencers don’t actually use your product, they won’t know how to create a compelling review. While they might be able to provide more reach, they can’t match the credibility of a true expert.

About The Desire Company

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for brands they can trust. Yet, trust is hard to come by. That’s why honest advice matters more than ever. Do influencers even use the products they promote? Consumers are skeptical. So, what’s the right approach? The Desire Company can help create video content for your brand, giving your customers access to unscripted, unfiltered truth. They’re more than a simple creative agency or a conventional video production company. The Desire Company is a complete product education solution that combines content strategy, expert vetting, matching with their vast Pro Community, video embed technology, and media distribution. By connecting your brand with industry experts who share their qualified opinions, you can make sure your customers stay informed, not influenced.

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