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Are you looking for a way to transform your skin? Whether you have dry or dull skin or want to revitalize your complexion, there are many tips for doing so. You can achieve delightfully soft and rejuvenated skin. And it doesn’t take much time or effort! What it does take, however, is a versatile set of skincare products. These are products like vanilla body butter, which are made to give back to your skin in ways few other skincare products can match. If you want softer skin, here are three tips you can try individually or together as part of a “soft skin” regimen.

Incorporate Gentle Exfoliation into Your Day

One of the first steps toward achieving delightfully soft skin is exfoliation, and how you exfoliate can make a difference. It’s all about finding a balance and using the tools that make the most sense for your skin state and routine. One tool you can use every day is a dry brush. There are dry brushes tailor-made for your face and body. These brushes help exfoliate the skin, loosening and removing dry and dead skin from the epidermis. Dry brushing before bathing can be beneficial—it’s a great way to rid yourself of dead skin while cleansing your epidermis, helping you achieve soft skin and a glowing complexion.

Use a Delicate Cleanser That Gives Back to Your Skin

What kind of cleanser makes sense after dry brushing or when you want softer skin, in general? Try a baby soap bar! As the name suggests, baby soap bars are made for a baby’s delicate skin. Of course, you don’t need a baby in your house to use a baby soap bar. This soap is made with some of the gentlest ingredients, like goat milk and shea butter. And these bars are incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. These are all attributes necessary for delightfully soft skin. Use your baby soap bar on its own or after exfoliating with a dry brush. It’s gentle enough for your face, hands, and body.

Add a Body Butter to Your Shower Routine

This last tip brings everything together. If you don’t already use body butter after bathing, adding one offers plenty of benefits. One of the most significant benefits, of course, is softer skin. Another benefit is that your skin is left smelling amazing. That’s because many body butters incorporate invigorating aromas into their mixes. An almond and vanilla body butter can be a treat for the senses. It goes on easy after bathing, preferably when the skin is still slightly damp. Its nourishing nature gives your skin what it needs to thrive—and feel and look fantastic. Think of body butter as the capstone of your “soft skin” routine. It ties your exfoliation and cleansing together. The result is delightfully soft skin!

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