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If you’re like most people who are downsizing or cleaning the house, and you come across a drawer of costume jewelry, your first reaction may be that it’s cheap and worthless.

Not so fast!

This style of vintage ornamentation, which originated in the 1920s and exploded in the 1950s, could be worth a lot of money, depending on the workmanship and materials.

3 tips to determine value of costume jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry

With costume jewelry, it doesn’t have to be made of gold to be valuable. Antique and vintage costume jewelry can be super desirable on the secondhand market. We've sold single pieces of costume jewelry with no gold content for hundreds of dollars.

Finding out if you have valuable costume jewelry may not be easy for the untrained eye, but there are a few things to look for.


Look for a jewelry mark. Most high-quality costume jewelry will have the company name or stamp. Trifari, Wiess, Coco Chanel, and Monet are a few of the higher-end costume jewelry makers. Granted, identifying the marks can be difficult to find without a jeweler’s loop.

Do you see green? Check if it has a green residue or if the finish is delaminating. If so, its value is probably low.

3 tips to determine value of costume jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry

Look for clear detail. Inspect the back of the jewelry and look carefully at the design details. If it's sloppy or running together, it most likely is cheap, but if it’s clean and it has clear detail to it, then the quality may be higher.

If you’re unsure, your best bet is to take your jewelry to a reputable expert who can assess its value and suggest options for selling it.

3 tips to determine value of costume jewelry

Wholesale Jewelry

As the first company to propose pricing by weight (Kg)jewelrykg has a more obvious sales advantage in the market because they are the first to propose a new model of wholesale jewelry and put it into practice:

1. The product line is affluent, and the product styles per kilogram are diversified and suitable for personal use or wholesale sales.

2. All the products sold by kilograms have independent packaging, not bulk jewelry on the market, and do not have independent packaging. They are all defective products. It will not affect the customer’s secondary sales or gift giving.

3. The quality of the products is good. The products sold by kilograms come from jewelry factories, which are packaged and sold at low prices for the rapid return of cash, or some products that have broken contracts. So the product is by no means inferior, and every product has integrity.

4. Complete after-sales system.

5. The products sold by kilograms are sent in random styles, and every purchase is full of surprises. The buyer can even make a wish to get her specified product included in the package sold by the pound.



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