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Most of the people like to buy branded items because it has good quality as well as a style standard. So if you wear and Oakley frogskin sunglasses, they will be useful for years and they will also stand as a fashion statement. You will be able to make a positive impression about yourself in front of your friends and coworkers if you have a branded Oakley sunglasses.

However, there are many e other brands that are imitating the Oakley brand and creating frogskin sunglasses. Although you may be paying the exact same amount, sunglasses will not be functional in a few months. Also, if you are getting them delivered you might receive pair of sunglasses that don’t look like the Oakley brand at all. In such situations, you might need the following 3 tips to spot if you are buying fake branded sunglasses:

  • Completely different packaging and box

A typical set of Oakley sunglasses will come in a particular packaging as well as inside a particular box. The real branded item will be delivered to you inside a box that has the designer logo. It will also have the information about the manufacturer and the barcode that will give you the details about the product itself. It will be easier for you to know if you have been given the real item by checking the manufacturing country, the color of the lens, frame size, and the model number of the sunglasses.

  • Case of the sunglasses

Another best way to understand if you are buying real Oakley frogskin sunglasses or not is by checking the case. Generally, the casing of the sunglasses will be different from one branch to the other. The Oakley brand has a premium hard case that comes with a soft pouch also containing the designer logo inside it. You will be able to understand the lettering better if you check the website of Oakley and study the logo design.

Also, the branding will not come off if it is real sunglasses. You can try scratching the logo design with your fingernails to check if it’s real or not.

  • Style of frames

If you have opened the case and you find that the frames of the sunglasses are lighter in weight it could be a fake one. Also if it is excessively heavy that means it contains stainless steel frames which are not the real ones. The Oakley sunglasses perfectly balances the weight of the frames which will not become uncomfortable for your nose or your ears. The hinges will also give away if sunglasses are not real. It will be comfortable for you to open and close the hinges without giving much effort and there will not be floppy or tight as well.

Different brands have different methods of spotting sunglasses. You will simply need to know about the brand before you buy the sunglasses. Also, it is recommended that you buy your sunglasses from only reputed stores and brand companies directly. So if you are getting some of the best Ray-ban Aviator classic sunglassesyou need to visit your nearest sunglasses showroom today!


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