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3 toys for active 1-year olds

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The first year has been great and memorable. The roll-over, the crawl, and an attempt to walk, there is so much that you have documented. But there’s more that will happen in the coming year as your tyke will learn some more skills. This is when age-appropriate skills come in handy. These toys are specially designed to foster imagination and support physical development, along with sensory stimulation. 


It is carefully crafted in bright colours, varied textures, and patterns that intrigue your little one. Furthermore, many toys also feature music and movement, forming two crucial cornerstones of a one-year-old’s mental and emotional development. Let us discover the various toys for 1-year-old and understand how it supports your child’s overall development. 


Push walker


A toy that your child can push is crucial when walking and even after accomplishing this milestone. The toy helps kids acquire confidence in their walking abilities while also being fun. A solid wooden stroller or a pushcart can be used to meet those requirements. Along with this, several alternatives can suit your baby and your budget; some of them are:


  • Push walker 
  • Doll stroller 
  • Sensory walker 


Pull toys


These toys are also beneficial since they encourage and promote movement about the room, which aids in developing gross motor skills. Your youngster can hone their movement and actions with these toys, impacting people around them. For years, classic pull-phone toys have been a popular toy for 1-year-olds. Animal pull toys are very popular with many kids. Make a DIY pull toy with craft supplies found around the house, such as a shoebox, strings, glue, and paint.




Physical play is essential for physical growth and mental stimulation. It aids your child’s development of both gross and fine motor abilities in various ways. Moreover, exhausting them before naptime is the best approach to ensure that they go to sleep quickly.


So, finding an indoor rocking animal or vehicle is a great way to get some exercise while staying indoors. You may even make a particular corner for your youngster and put the rocker there. In this manner, your child will have their unique space. There are numerous possibilities for rocking chairs and horses on the internet. Choose the one that your child enjoys, including Disney princess on it.


While buying toys for your 3-year-old, safety, quality, and educational value should be paramount. Disney toys such as figures of prince and princess also contribute to your toddler’s sensory development. 



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