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CBD products continue to dominate healthcare today. These also include the massive use of CBD creams as topical ointments and skincare products. Here are three types of CBD creams for pain that you should know about.

CBD Arthritis Creams

CBD has gained significant popularity in terms of all its health benefits. It’s one of the reasons why people continue to resort to CBD in its topical forms. Many CBD brands today work towards developing CBD creams to help people with chronic pain.


The first thing to know about CBD creams before learning about their efficacy for treating pain is how these creams are manufactured. These are highly therapeutic ointments consisting of CBD as their primary components. CBD is known for helping patients with arthritis and many other conditions when combined with kinds of butter and healing oils. If you look at the ingredients of CBD creams designed for arthritis, you’ll see how capsaicin is the other component that makes it a lot more helpful during pain relief.


According to the Arthritis Foundation, the studies on the efficacy of CBD for arthritis show promising results. However, there still hasn’t been a conclusive claim about how CBD can treat or improve the symptoms of arthritis. Despite the lack of a trial to determine the results, various animal studies serve as evidence of CBD creams’ potential to help patients with arthritis.


Most research conducted on CBD creams shows how these ointments and topical components don’t necessarily eliminate arthritis pain. However, they’re known for their ability to decrease the inflammation resulting in arthritis pain. This means patients who use these creams for longer periods are likely to experience pain relief after some time.

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CBD Creams for Nerve Damage

Nerve damage can result in an unbearable amount of pain among patients. In fact, the worse forms of nerve damage increase the risk of pain and prickling sensations throughout a patient’s body if not treated promptly. Many patients rely on topical creams and lotions to manage nerve damage symptoms. A wide range of creams to help with nerve damage consist of CBD as their primary ingredient.


Some common symptoms of nerve damage include peripheral neuropathic pain and chronic neuropathic pain. Research in the previous year’s shows how creams with CBD and a limited amount of THC are likely to reduce the intensity of these symptoms when applied to the body regularly.


Furthermore, when scientists conducted a study in 2016 to examine the efficacy of CBD gels on rats, they found that these creams can significantly help in reducing pain and inflammation resulting from nerve damage.


While many patients rely on limited research to resort to CBD creams for pain management, a lot more conclusive research is required to fully comprehend its efficacy.

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CBD Creams for Muscle Pain

Muscle pain often results in soreness, especially among patients with back pain. As a result, people rely on topical creams with CBD. Today, many CBD brands have manufactured creams with CBD to help reduce back pain and inflammation.


While these creams can be significantly helpful in numbing muscle pain, they don’t necessarily treat the pain or target the underlying issue. Therefore, anyone using these creams shouldn’t rely on it as a treatment method.

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The availability of CBD products in various forms speaks for how effective CBD has become, especially in treating injuries and relieving pain. While evidence-based research shows all the ways CBD is helpful, its efficacy also depends on what CBD brands to get CBD oil tested. Testing can make all the difference when trying to roll out pure, effective, and potent products. Therefore, it’s crucial for CBD companies to invest in CBD third-party testing so that they can stand out among other CBD brands.


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