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3 Vape Companies That you can Consider when Purchasing a Portable Device for Yourself

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Vaping industry is exploding in Pakistan. Even the hard-core smokers that were anti-vape and now beginning to realize the benefits of vaping and are making a switch. Plus, a lot of people are choosing to be a part of the scene because it offers them a pleasant experience.

Whatever the reason, vaping is now becoming a common phenomenon. Go back half a decade, and you’d see people making fun of vapers. Come to the present time, and you’d see vapers being the actual stars of their social gatherings. 

In this article, we shall explore the 3 companies that can offer you a great entry into the vaping world:


If you are looking for absolutely compact machine options, then you can start with a vaporesso device. The company offers some great portable options that you can explore. Renova, for instance, is a great option that’s becoming a favorite fast amongst the vapers.

It is easy to carry and offers great satisfaction with the right salt-nic flavours. The devices that vaporesso makes are really pretty. It gives you a premium feel to hold and use the device. Consider XROS, for instance, or LUXE PM40. 

Overall, it is a good entry option for those who are looking for the right value for money.


Joytech is another great option that is catching fire fast in the Pakistani vaping scene. The company makes some great and durable devices which the users like. Plus, the shapes for most devices are super handy. This is great because the vaping experience becomes very comfortable.

If you are a beginner, then do look into Joytech. Some great options could be Joytech ego, evio C, and one v2. Joytech is a great option for one another reason. It makes devices that offer some great battery timings. That is what vapers usually prefer. 

It’s not that the other companies perform poorly in the battery domain. It’s just that Joytech performs considerably better.


If you want to enjoy sal-nic flavours without letting go of the fun of full-option devices, then consider getting a Smok device. Smok works really hard on the devices to offer users a premium experience.

These devices are the perfect hybrid that offers great big clouds without compromising on nicotine satisfaction. These devices are adjustable. You can adjust the wattage according to you your needs and get the desired vaping experience. 

Smok devices are slightly bigger compared to what the other companies offer. But the sizes are worth it when you weigh in the additional features that you get by having a Smok device. If you are confused with what you must purchase, then the Smok device can easily be a safe option.

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Final words

Selecting the right vape company is essential. Because it isn’t something that you buy every other day or week. If you take good care of the devices, then they can easily last you for more than a couple of years. 

The above-mentioned companies are some of the best options out there. You can easily get their devices from our stores or by placing your orders online.



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