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The holiday season is jam-packed with all kinds of gatherings. From friend get-togethers to office holiday parties to family events, it can be a lot. And for some people, it’s the family events that can be the most stressful. There are a lot of reasons for the tension. Maybe you have to travel to get to a family event. That means a lot of time in the car or at the airport. Or perhaps you have family you don’t see eye-to-eye with. It’s just part of the family experience. But don’t fret! There are plenty of ways to cruise through your next family gathering without feeling stressed or tense. From kava to personal distractions, here’s how to make any holiday gathering that much easier.

Take a Sip of Kava Before You Arrive

You might be asking, “Kava? For a family gathering?” It’s an option that more people are trying. Many people are trying kava for anxiety, and they’re finding success. Kava can help ease occasional feelings of anxiety. Kava is a plant from the South Pacific, and it’s known for its calming nature. Even better is it’s safe to enjoy. There are no side effects, and it’s not habit-forming (though like all enjoyable things, it can be tempting to overindulge—moderation is essential). You can drink it before you arrive at the family gathering. Or you can wait until after things get going. Either way, kava can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. More at home. It can help balance feelings of tension. Even when Uncle Frank brings up politics at the dinner table, you’ll feel more at peace. It’s also an alternative to alcohol.

Bring Plenty of Distractions

As effective as drinking kava can be, it’s hard to beat a good distraction at a family function. You might think you’ll get called out for having a distraction, but that’s perfectly fine. The goal is to find a distraction that works for you and helps you find a pocket of Zen. For some, an enthralling book is all they need. Or maybe a video game. Portable gaming systems like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck can be excellent distractions. Or you can take it old school with a Nintendo Game Boy. Or maybe it’s as simple as headphones and your holiday playlist or catching up on your podcasts. These options tend to be less social, but they work well if you want to be in charge of your interactions.

Go to the Family Holiday Gathering with a Plan

Of course, sometimes you must be social at family holiday gatherings. Another way to make things less stressful is to go in with a plan. For instance, bring along one of your favorite board or tabletop games. This is a way to bring people together in a positive and fun way. And it’s a distraction not just for you but for others. You can be social in the context of your choosing. After all, much of the holiday stress and tension tends to come from interactions you’re not in control of. Like when Uncle Frank decides to steer the conversation at the dinner table. Getting through stressful family gatherings is made all easier when people are having fun, or there are distractions. And between your distractions or board games, try some kava, too.

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