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You set self-care goals at the start of 2023. It’s been several months, now it’s time to check in on those goals. Are you still working toward your self-care goals? Have you hit major milestones along the way? If the answer is yes, celebrate those accomplishments and continue your journey. If you’ve taken a break from working toward your self-care goals, or they’ve slipped from your routine, that’s okay, too! That’s a normal part of working toward any goal. That’s also why this article exists—it’s all about checking in on your progress and helping you discover ways to recommit to your self-care goals. After all, May is National Recommitment Month! Are you ready to recommit?

Add Some Uplifting and Aromatic Skincare to Your Routine

Self-care has many layers. There are all kinds of different things that can recharge and restore us as individuals. But there’s one thing that can recenter us like no other: aromatherapy! Aromas can be wildly powerful. They can seemingly transport us to places far away or drop us in the middle of a comforting childhood memory. One way to get back into the groove of self-care is to bring aromatics into the mix, but not just any aromatics—aromatic skincare! Why not add an uplifting, aromatic, and nourishing body scrub to your routine? A peach body scrub, for instance, can evoke memories of summer. Before or during a shower, you can use a peach body scrub to exfoliate your arms, legs, and everywhere in between—and then let the scent uplift you. Hot showers can already be rejuvenating, but adding aromatic skincare? That’s self-care supreme.

Practice Restorative Self-Care While You Sleep

A good night’s sleep is self-care. But what if you could give back to yourself in more ways while you sleep? It’s totally possible—and it comes back to uplifting, aromatic, and nourishing skincare. There are a lot of skincare and beauty products that can fit in this category, including a vegan lip mask. This is the kind of lip mask that’s made with natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients (and yes, you can get a peach body scrub or other scented sugar body scrubs that are vegan and cruelty-free). You can feel good about your skincare choices while focusing on self-care. An overnight lip mask can be applied just before bed. You can let the aromatics surround you as you drift off. As you sleep, vegan ingredients, like castor oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, nourish and moisturize. You can wake up with your mind, body—and lips—refreshed and restored.

What Self-Care Habit Do You Want to Focus on Next?

Maybe you're ready to set your sights on a new self-care habit in an effort to recommit. You’ve incorporated natural bath bombs into your weekly routine, along with a sugar body scrub and a lip scrubber. Part of the self-care journey is trying new things and finding out what habits can help you feel refreshed and restored. Consider adding other invigorating and uplifting aromatics to your routine. Try different body scrub scents and follow those up with equally aromatic body butters. Play with different scents and different nourishing skincare products and see how they impact you. Who knows what kinds of self-care secrets you might unlock!

About NCLA Beauty

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