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It’s the season of gratitude. While many people associate Thanksgiving as a time of family gatherings and delicious food, it’s important to not overlook the spirit of the season: giving thanks and sharing gratitude with others. Sharing gratitude is a great way to communicate your caring and admiration for the people closest to you.

Sharing gratitude in itself can help build bonds between people. It lets others know we’re thinking of them and that they matter. And it feels good to both share and receive gratitude! There are many ways to share or show gratitude. It may be in the form of a handwritten note or a carefully selected goldlink chain and charm. Here are a few more ways to show your gratitude to loved ones this season.

The Gift of Gratitude

Giving a gift to show gratitude is a great way to tell someone how much they mean to you. Gifts can be appropriate when someone does you a favor or goes the extra mile for you. Gifts can also be great to give when a person is simply there for you in a time of need. A gift is something tangible to represent gratitude. It’s something the recipient can keep with them as a reminder of your thanks.

When expressing thanks to your mom, sister, or significant other, it might take the form of a 2mm gold chain. That chain may even include a charm. Jewelry is a great way to show gratitude and with so many options, you can find something that speaks to the person to whom you’re expressing gratitude. Of course, this is just one example. The gift may take the form of flowers, a kitchen gadget, or something you know will bring them joy through your show of gratitude.

Adding a Personal Touch

Speaking of bringing someone joy through gratitude, adding a truly personal touch is one way to do just that. Necklaces with charms are one option. There are so many kinds of charms out there, including personalized and hand crafted charms. You can leave your recipient with a note of gratitude that comes straight from your heart or a detail that acknowledges the reason you’re sharing your gratitude.

There are countless personalized gifts out there, from charms to drinkware to clothing. Which you choose depends on the person receiving the gift. This can also be a great opportunity to gift them something more obscure—something extra meaningful to them, but something not a lot of people might know about. Unique gifts can be a great way to highlight the bond you have with the person while gifting them something with that personal touch.

Meaningful Time Together

While touching and personalized gifts can be a great way to express gratitude, another way to express your thanks and appreciation is with time. Namely, time together. Maybe it’s a lunch or dinner out to express your gratitude. Or maybe it’s a home-cooked meal. Or maybe it’s taking them out for one of their favorite activities.

Expressing gratitude through time spent together can be another way to build stronger bonds with another person. And just like the other ideas in this article, you can tailor the experience to the person. It could even be a mix of time spent together and a gift. Dinner with the gift of black chains and charms? Why not? At the end of the day, don’t keep gratitude to yourself. It’s meant to be shared, no matter how you choose to share it!

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