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It’s the most wonderful time of year. It’s also one of the most tiring times of the year. As wonderful as the holidays can be, this time of year can get busy. Really busy. You might find yourself scrambling to get everything done. This is why self-care is so important. Little acts of self-care can make a difference when things get busy, and there’s a lot on your plate.

One way to make a difference is through your skincare. When you feel tired and when your skin looks tired, using revitalizing skincare products can help give you a boost. Some skincare products, like vanilla body butter, give you a few minutes to slow down to take in the aroma of vanilla while giving your skin a boost of much-needed nourishment. Here are a few more ways to give back to your skin and yourself this holiday season.

Treat Your Skin to Nourishing and Moisturizing Care

The holiday rush can leave you feeling tired. At the same time, it can leave your skin tired, too. When that happens, skin can look and feel dry or dehydrated. If you look down at your hands and arms and notice dry, flaky skin, that’s a sign your skin needs more hydration and moisturization to return to a replenished state.

Vanilla body butter, or any aromatic body butter, is one way to nourish, moisturize, and replenish. A body butter with natural ingredients like tallow from grass-fed cows, coconut oil, mango butter, and shea butter can be exceptionally replenishing. But more than that, the act of applying it gives you a few minutes of mindfulness. Plus, the aromatics can be transformative. That’s why using a body butter with natural aromas, like vanilla, is essential.

Wash Away the Day with a Gentle Cleanser

How you end a busy day matters. It’s important to find a routine that works for you. Coming home after a busy day of running around and immediately crashing can leave loose ends. Those loose ends are related to your self-care. Your cleansing routine is one way to add time for yourself and your skin.

For instance, using a baby soap bar to wash away the day is an excellent place to start. A baby soap bar may be formulated for a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin, but like body butter, it can also give back to your skin in ways other cleansers can’t. Get a baby soap bar made with nourishing, moisturizing, and replenishing ingredients like goat milk, shea butter, and calendula.

Replenish Your Skin with a Soothing Toner Whenever You Need It

When you think of toner, you may consider it part of a more extensive skincare routine. You cleanse, tone, use serum or spot treatments, and moisturize. Using a toner after using a nourishing baby soap bar is a fantastic idea. But have you considered using toner whenever you need it? Some toners offer your skin a soothing boost whenever you need it, and without a more extensive skincare routine to go with it.

Here’s a quick holiday season tip: Carry a hydrating or soothing toner wherever you go. When you (or your skin) need a pick me up, give yourself a few spritzes. Look for a toner made with simple, natural ingredients focused on soothing or hydrating qualities. It’s a great way to get a moment of self-care in your busy day no matter where you are or what you’re doing—and during a hectic holiday season, that can make a huge difference.

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