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Renting a home or living space might seem limiting, but there are many ways to improve the area for you and your family or your roommates. It might take just three relatively simple improvement projects. Of course, you should always get approval from the homeowners or rental property managers before starting any of the projects you’ll learn about today. Here are three easy projects that can make a difference.

Switch Out the Lighting Fixtures

You should be able to change most lighting fixtures in a rental. It’s one of the few home improvement projects you don’t necessarily need to get approved by a homeowner, along with hanging up shelves using shelf brackets and hanging portraits on the walls. As long as you keep the old fixtures and replace them when you move out, installing new light fixtures is fine. It just takes a few steps.

• Order a new fixture from a reliable supplier

• Make sure you have the correct bulbs for the piece

• Cut the power at the breaker box before you begin

• Determine what holds the fixture in place

• Remove the old fixture, as well as the wing nuts and bracket holding it in place

• Check the stability of electrical box in ceiling

• Follow manufacturer instructions to match the new fixture’s wires to your home’s (pay attention to instruction manuals or look up further DIY instructions online)

• Attach the new fixture’s base

• Install light bulbs

• Attach the trim and cover of the new fixture

• Turn the power back on at the breaker box.

Just like that, you have a new lighting fixture that can make your space brighter and potentially save energy, all while adding your own personal touch to the space.

Install New Interior Doors

While installing a new lighting fixture is easy, it’s a detailed process. Installing a new single interior door will also require attention to detail, but it is another fantastic way to refresh your living space. If you don’t have the tools to do the following steps, you can purchase them or hire someone to do the installation.

• Use the old door as a template—determine the swing and measure it

• Remove old lockset and hinge pens

• Take out the old door

• Size it against the new door and mark the location of hinges (mortise lines)

• Cut and trim your new interior door (this requires a circular saw, clamp, and utility blade, among other tools)

• Chisel out the wood in the mortise lines using relief cuts

• Drill holes for hinges, lockset, and latch

• Attach the hinges

• Set the door on hinges and insert hinge pins

• Install lockset

• Test the door.

A new door can help spice up any room, whether you choose to go with a bold color or are just replacing a worn-out door.

Paint a Few Walls or Rooms

Perhaps the least technical home improvement project is painting. Painting a few walls or a whole room is an easy way to shed new light on your home, and homeowners and property managers will usually okay it without any problems. You probably already know how to paint a room, but here’s a refresher:

• Select a new paint color and primer

• Repair any holes in the walls with a product like Flex Paste (you can paint over it)

• Cover the floor and furniture with tarps to protect from splashes

• Use masking tape to line baseboards, ceiling boards, and wall divides

• Apply a coat of primer

• Allow to dry

• Apply first coat of paint

• Allow to dry

• Apply a second coat of paint, if necessary

• Allow to dry.

You can make any rental feel like your home. Many places will even allow you to make other, more permanent alterations if they improve the home’s value, but you must check in with the owners or managers of the property first. After receiving permission, you can easily personalize the place where you live. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or a new fixture, the little touches will make a rental feel comfortable for everyday life.

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