This guide provides a comprehensive look at some of the best email marketing services available, in addition to a few insider’s tips.

Email marketing is one of the most popular methods of automated marketing available today.

It embraces all the great features expected from a marketing platform; cost effectiveness, great ROI, usability, time efficiency, etc. 

When it comes to profitability, email marketing guarantees the highest returns and conversion rates.

Once you have finalized your marketing strategy it is now time to choose from the best email marketing platforms available in the market.

There are innumerable software available that are considered well-reputed, and choosing the best software depends on several factors, including, your particular business needs, and time and cost effectiveness accordingly.

Here is our guide to the top 30 best email marketing services.

Top 30 Best Email Marketing Services

Moosend – Simplified solution to High-quality Email Automation
Aweber – Feature-rich Automation Solution
GetResponse – An All-in-One Email Marketing Experience
Constant Contact Social Media Integrated Email Marketing
HubSpot Inbound Marketing at its Finest
Drip Marketing Automation Platform for E-commerce
Sendinblue An All-Round Digital Marketing Tool
Mailerlite Premium Personalised Email Marketing
Pabbly Simple and Elegant Subscriber Management Software
ConvertKit Opt-in Automated EMS
ActiveCampaign Professional Email Marketing at Affordable Rates
Omnisend E-commerce Geared Email Marketing Platform
Gist Unified Email Marketing Solution
Automizy Email Marketing Tool Dedicated to Lead Generation
Mailigen Integrated and Innovative Marketing Platform 
Benchmark Professional Email Marketing by Only a Few Clicks 
SendPulse Cloud-based Email Marketing Solution 
MoonMail OmniChannel Email Marketing Service
Ontraport All-in-One Suite Business Automation
Campaign Monitor First-Tier Email Marketing Software
MailChimp Email Automation Software for Smarter Marketing
Mailjet Intuitive Email Solution
SendX Simplified Email Marketing at Affordable Rates
iContact Email Marketing for World-Class Businesses
AutoPilot Scalable Email Marketing Solution
Campaigner Affordable and Full-Feature Email Automation 
Salesforce Pardot Automated and B2B Marketing Strategy
InfusionSoft First-Tier Email Marketing for Small Businesses
Zoho Campaigns Sophisticated Business Automation Solution
Klaviyo Ultimate Mailing Solution for Ecommerce Marketers

Let's have a closer look on each of these prominent email marketing providers:


Along with many other features, cost effectiveness is the core aim of Moosend. Email automation, and repetitive tasks is the core service of this platform.

With intuitive interface and great usability, Moosend gives much space to the marketers to focus on the creative aspects of their campaigns-rather than building templates and using various platforms.

Running any form of digital marketing is a time-consuming project, that relies greatly on communication with clients, incorporation of other marketing platforms, creating innovative strategies, content etc.

Drag and drop editing options, shortcuts and ready-to-use template, all these factors contribute to straightforward usability of Moosend.

While there are a good deal of email marketing services with budget friendly prices, Moosend shines with high-quality features and relatively low costs.

Their subscription plans start at monthly $0 for the new members, consisting of report analysis, unlimited emails, and list building.

They also have a reputation for great community time and comprehensive help, with a support team known for quick and informative response.

  • Pros
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy interface
  • Free subscription
  • Customer Support
  • Ecommerce platform integration and data migration
  • Prices based on email instead of subscription numbers
  • Cons
  • Lack of Mobile Application
  • Prices

As an affordablòe marketing tool, Moosend offers several pricing options based on the company’s size and complex demands. Their pricing option starts at;

  • Basic Plan: free
  • Pro Plan: $8 monthly for up to 5 team members and limited report. This plan is best for small to midsize businesses.
  • Enterprise Plan: customizable option. Depending on the services requested, prices increase. 


Often titled as one of the best email marketing software, AWeber is a Pennsylvania-based email marketing company.

Apart from incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovations, several features of their software stand out in the market.

List building is the foundation to lucrative email marketing. AWeber lends a hand in keeping your subscribers list fresh and organized.

Marketing automation is their strength point, sided by smooth platform interface, prominent tools in template/content creation and useful features.

Unlike most, this email marketing software offers sales tracking features. As a new user, getting your way around the application is pretty much straightforward with walkthrough options.

Customer follow-up for abandoned sales is another well-developed aspect of running campaigns by AWeber. Additionally, solid and on-time are the words associated with their customer service team.

  • Pros
  • Building and Nurturing subscriber lists
  • Sales
  • Walkthrough
  • Email follow-up
  • Custom service
  • Providing landing page software
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cons
  • High costs: When compared to best email marketing platforms, their services and prices. Aweber leans on the expensive side.
  • Subscriber based prices: They charge per subscriber services instead of per email sent. 
  • Prices

Subscription options include:

  • $0: upto 500 subscribers basic 
  • $19: upto 500 subscribers with extensive features
  • $29: upto 2500 subscribers 
  • $49: upto 5000 subscribers 
  • $69: upto 10000 subscribers 
  • $149: upto 25000 subscribers 


The best email marketing platforms try to address the common issues of the marketers. Funneling sales and landing pages are an essential feature, especially to ecommerce and affiliate marketers.

In addition, automation features on this platform are unique and linked to great ROI comparatively.

Advertised as an all-in-one email marketing software, GetResponse presents well-developed email marketing features such as easy usability, and advances automation and segmentation.

Besides email marketing, they have broadened their service territory to Google analytic tool integration, Landing Page Editing, CRM, etc.

The competitive number of features and integration on this platform keeps GetResponse in the limelight of email marketing solutions.

Although a must-have feature, not all the email marketing providers offer spam testing. A 30 day trial not only gives a true taste of the software, it also saves some on the total annual costs- say about 9% in the first year.

  • Pros
  • Advanced Features
  • Free trial 
  • Advanced List Automation
  • Spam testing 
  • Funneling Sales 
  • Great design
  • Easy usability
  • Cons
  • Does not offer phone support
  • No free plan
  • Prices
  • $15: upto 1000 subscribers 
  • $25: upto 2500 subscribers 
  • $45: upto 5000 subscribers 
  • $65: upto 10000 subscribers 
  • $145: upto 25000 subscribers 

All the above plan subscriptions are based on 12-month and 24-month billing cycles.

Constant Contact 

Constant Contact is one of the oldest softwares available in the market, dating back to 1995.

Besides running and optimizing parallel social campaigns, some other features of this software are genuinely unequaled.

Excellent automation options, customisable management tools, collecting surveys and social campaigns. 

Through the years, Constant Contact has developed its features into highly specialized tools at reasonable price ranges.

They cover almost all the niche and cater for their specific requirements. Professionally developed automation features result in higher conversion rates. 

The statistics show high scores of deliverability, passing tech-savvy tests with flying colors.

While freebies are always a delight, the software provides a free trial to showcase their abilities to access Constant Contact's many advanced tools.

  • Pros
  • Niche-based highlights
  • Strong deliverability
  • Free trial
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Cons
  • High prices: the software sits on the more more expensive side of scale when it comes to pricing and providing value in return
  • Limited automation features for newsletters and rigger emails
  • Lacking Mac Deployment
  • Prices

Here is an outlook on their pricing, and starting charges;

  • $20: upto 1000 contacts 
  • $45: upto 2500 contacts 
  • $65: upto 5000 contacts 
  • $95: upto 10000 contacts 

Please note that all the plans here are considered monthly fees. However, the billing duration ranges from 6 to 12 months with slight long-term commitment discounts.


As one of the best email marketing services, HubSpot holds a solid spot in today’s cutthroat market.

Their approach towards marketing is integral, focusing on email automation, list optimization, sales tracking, maintaining a separate platform for customer service and SEO optimization, even a button to raise action.

Having all the marketing requirements in one single software is highly convenient, especially for small size businesses- whether sales, content creation, optimization, or add-ons.

Lead generation and handling sales teams could not be easier and most efficiently by HubSpot’s free and optimum CRM tool.

  • Pros
  • A complete package
  • free CRM software
  • Lead generation
  • Seo Strategy Optimization
  • Strategizing emails, content and automation intervals
  • Extensive report analysis
  • Technical support with great response time and services
  • Direct button for Call-to-Action
  • Easy walkthrough
  • A free trial
  • Cons
  • High subscription fees and complexity of pricing
  • HubSpot CRM is free though charges for CRM-related technical support
  • Difficult integration of external softwares- as an all-in-one tool, this feature is seldom required.
  • Prices

There are four general plans on Marketing, Sales, and Service Hub. while several discounts available for the first year packages, the prices increase accordingly afterwards. 

Marketing Hub prices:

  • $0: free plan
  • $50: Starter Plan
  • $890: Professional Plan
  • $3,200: Enterprise Plan- all you can ask for memberships and complex analytical reports

Sales Hub prices:

  • $0: free plan
  • $50: Starter Plan
  • $500: Professional Plan
  • $1,200: Enterprise Plan

Service Hub prices:

  • $0: free plan
  • $50: Starter Plan
  • $400: Professional Plan
  • $1,200: Enterprise Plan

Growth Suite:

  • $0: free plan
  • $50: Starter Plan
  • $1343: Professional Plan
  • $4,200: Enterprise Plan


Specializing around ecommerce inbound marketing, Drip offers competitive email marketing features.

The dominant idea behind their marketing to turn prospects into conversion, mostly for ecommerce marketers.

Personalising customer journey to finalise sales, maximising conversions, funneling automation- only to name a few of their ecommerce friendly highlights.

Slow and steady process is the motto of this company, proved as one of the strongest advertising methods without overwhelming the subscribers.

Among their highly optimized tools, they present customer managed relationships for turning up the highest possible ROI.

  • Pros
  • Gradual customer exposure
  • Market’s best eCommerce CRM
  • Controlling the strategy for the best results
  • Easy to use interface
  • Strong features for automated regression
  • Outstanding integration
  • Cons
  • Relatively high costs
  • requires long time commitment to benefit from affordable packages
  • Occasional bugs have been reported on the platform
  • Prices

Pricings is pretty uncomplicated on Drip, divided into two sections of basic for $19 a month and 500 subscribers and pro for $122 a month and 25,000 subscribers.

For more comprehensive features. They offer a customisable package for customers with particular needs.


In the world of digital marketing, email marketing is never without other digital marketing platforms.

Whether maintaining an ecommerce platform, social media campaigns, or other marketing platforms- Sendinblue combines relevant features such as integration, report analysis and advanced tracking tools.

Apart from usual automation features, Sendinblue permits integration of a customer's journey into email triggers.

They aim to access qualified subscribers based on their report analysis and score sheets.

They target small to mid-range business, by providing affordable automated email options.

This platform is named as the best email marketing software when it comes to affordable marketing.

It signified as more generalised options, and less specialised features, hence cutting down the costs.

In effect, the most effective solution is the core of the software’s marketing technique and target audience. 

  • Pros
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Workflow based automation
  • Advance landing page editing options
  • SMS marketing along with traditional newsletters
  • Solid deliverability
  • Modern design and templates
  • Easy to use
  • Fast analytical services
  • Cons
  • Limited number of integrations 
  • Prices
  • $0: limitedupto 300 subscribers 
  • $25: upto 10,000 subscribers 
  • $54: upto 40,000 subscribers 
  • $69: upto 60,000 subscribers 
  • $99: upto 100,000 subscribers 

Expect for the free plan, they offer branding with add-ons and unlimited recipients on all their packages.


Mailerlite is perhaps the most innovative email marketing provider available.

Young professional staff, modern design and templates, up-to-date strategies- the company thrives for innovation in all aspects.

This marketing tool is famed for its internationally compatible interface, device integration and fairly low prices.

They intend to keep their product simple, convenient and efficient in ROI results. Interface of this software is extremely easy, requiring only a few clicks to set an optimised campaign.

Additionally, the software offers 8 international languages for global accessibility and communication. 

Despite most freebie options, Mailerlite has taken their freebie option to the new heights, offering forever free packages.

Their free services cover from newsletters, defining automation triggers, and up to 1000 subscribers.

Similar to other all-in-one apps, some of the specific features have to be neglected in order to implement general solutions, reduce the costs and target small to average business. 

  • Pros
  • Free Forever plan
  • Easy and convenient interface
  • Landing Page optimization
  • Cons

Lacking advanced features 

  • Prices
  • $0: limitedupto unlimited subscribers- although the email cap is limited to 1,200
  • $10: upto 2,500 subscribers 
  • $30: upto 5000 subscribers 
  • $50: upto 10,000 subscribers 
  • $75: upto 15,000 subscribers 

These are the monthly subscription fees. This company also grants annual package discounts to their loyal customers. 


Collecting payments, generating bills, organising subscription lists and other complex email marketing essentials turn to simple tasks by Pabbly.

Besides being named as the best email marketing platform in terms of features, this automation software has earned a name for a cost effective solution to marketing clutter.

If your business deals with recurring payment cycles for monthly services and products- Pabbly is the way to go.

Here are some businesses that can benefit from Pabbly; Media companies, magazines with annual or monthly subscriptions, and websites offering trail usage periods.

In addition to low prices in the market for automated email and billing services, Pabbly has a great reputation for providing value for the money in return.

Besides presenting a real-time experience with the software features, another contribution to costs is their free trial.

Whether online, in person or by providing resources, they present quick and comprehensive training.

Technical supports arrays from round-the-clock chatbot support to getting in touch with their agents during business hours.

  • Pros
  • Full-feature platform
  • Cost effective
  • Free Trial 
  • Outstanding training 
  • Customer support 
  • Cons

There are none in contrast with the pronìmised services.

  • Prices

Free options are non-existent in this automated software.

  • $19: limitedto 50 customers and two affiliate outlets
  • $37: upto 100 customers and ten affiliate outlets
  • $57: upto 150 customers and unlimited affiliate management
  • $79: upto 250 to 50,000 Customers


Enlisted among the top-notch email marketing service providers, CovertKit targets blogging marketers, website owners and those running affiliate channels such as youtubers.

Their features are rather limited, particularly when compared with all-in-one marketing solution.

Despite the limited features, they remain among the most popular and best email marketing platforms among the bloggers for ease of use and specialised tools.

Some consider this platform expensive when compared to other top-tier service providers.

However, there are a few email marketing tools out there that offer highly specialised logging campaigns option.

ConvertKit also offers in-built tools for creating a simple landing page- in accordance with social marketing needs for running various campaigns.

This automation software comes with intuitive interface and adding or removing subscribers is just at a click away by an accurate tagging system

  • Pros
  • Landing Page editing and optimization 
  • Work-flow based subscription optimization
  • Outstanding deliverability 
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Training
  • Cons
  • High price: although ConvertKit offers high quality services, their services are relatively costly. 
  • Limitation on the number of templates. 
  • Prices
  • $0: limited upto 1000 subscribers 
  • $29: upto 1000 subscribers including the free migration
  • $47: upto 3000 subscribers 
  • $119: upto 10,000 subscribers 
  • $199: upto 25,000 subscribers 
  • $379: upto 50,000 subscribers

Almost all plans feature the same services, price difference is mainly based on the number of subscribers. 


Noted as the most premium marketing tools in the mainstream platforms, ActiveCampaign boasts strong automation features particularly regarding sales.

Their purpose is to target large subscription lists, lower number of emails and higher ROI, mostly concentrated around newsletter marketing campaigns.

Free starter to plan is non existent. However, the reported results from ActiveCampaign’s basic plan are encouraging, particularly for automation services and optimization.

Automation consists of segments, auto sender responses, and follow-ups.

The platform facilitates the “Deals” button; a unique and specialised automation set-up in the programs’ CRM system.

In addition to offering extensive reports on segmentation, they also present thorough analysis on customers’ journey with remarkable ecommerce integrations such as shopify.

Let's have a closer look at this highly regarded email marketing platform;

  • Pros
  • Advanced automation option
  • The Deals system
  • outstanding trackability
  • high deliverability standards
  • free and hassle free website migration
  • Cons

There is no actual con with this platform, except for highly sophisticated and complex tools. While having a great many add-ons and customisation options, it may overthrow the novice email marketers.

  • Prices

There is no free plan, although they provide a two week trial. 

  • $15: limitedto 500 subscribers 
  • $29: upto 1000 customers 
  • $55: upto 2,500 subscribers 
  • $99: upto 5000 subscribers 
  • $155: upto 10,000 subscribers
  • $375: upto 50,000 subscribers

Their website mentions the above prices as monthly subscriptions, although yearly packages come with a discount.


Omnisend is counted up together with the giants of ecommerce marketing. This omni-channel software marks another all-in-one email marketing tool, with highlights such as SMS campaigns, social media platforms, and affiliate websites.

Because of their highly specialised focus on sales, they have strong automation, sales tunneling, several built-in templates for on-spot customization, thorough report analysis and of course, an array of ecommerce integrations.

Some of the eminent companies have partnered with Omnisend for their first-tier email marketing features, including; numerous templates, completing email options like pop-ups, floating sign-up notification, and other strong lead generation tags.

Anything from click-maps and real-time dashboard to accurate customers’ journey- Omnisend’s report analysis system is dedicated to increasing conversions by all means.

Another unique quality of the software is the “product picker” offering store to newsletter product selection. For integration, it combines numerous native integration with ecommerce outlets, as well as several third party integrations.

  • Pros
  • Attractive features: 
  • Thorough Reports
  • Product Picker
  • easy interface and straightforward automation system
  • Excellent Integration
  • Free plan
  • Cons
  • customer care: while their website claims 24/7 customer support, there are a handful of users’ reports of late and insufficient responses.
  • Prices

Cost options per month include:

  • Free Plan at $0
  • Standard Starting at $16
  • Professional Plan at $199
  • Enterprise Plan:  professional plan with a customized quote

The free plan permits sending a cap of 15,000 messages per month, despite the number of subscribers.


Staying in close touch with customers is Gist’s strategy for running successful email marketing campaigns.

As an all-in-one customer contact system, they even offer direct chat before and after a sale and several ways to approach segmented automation, despite the physical location of buyers.

And when we say internationally, it means they cover almost any geo-location worldwide, backed with over 44 languages for optimum communicative tools.

Comprehensive automation, real time detention, exceptional support desk and customer care mark the shining features of the feature-rich Gist software.

  • Pros
  • Excellent features for lead generation 
  • Bot integration for live chat support and AI facilitated sales
  • Free wordpress plugin
  • Knowledge base system
  • Easy email building and design
  • Exceptional customer service or support
  • Facilitating broadcast and drip marketing campaigns
  • Cons
  • Free plan offers fairly limited access to the main features
  • Limited ecommerce integrations 
  • Prices

The premium email marketing and support experience comes at a cost and three different payment plans:

Support Suite

  • Free Forever Plan: at $0 and 2 support seats
  • Professional Plan: at $29 and upton 5 support seats
  • Premium Plan: at $199 for unlimited support seats
  • Enterprise Plan:  professional plan with a customized quote

Marketing suite

  • $0: limitedto 200 subscribers 
  • $19: upto 1000 customers and simple automation
  • $29: also 1000 subscribers with advanced workflow

All-in-one bundle packages combine the support and marketing suites for the best value offers.


Targeting small and mid-range business, Automizy is an automated email marketing software with extra attention on generating leads.

Whether prior customers, the website’s reader, or newsletter database- they integrate such information as segments of newsletter or trigger lists, while permitting personalised contact with your customers.

The software maintains a long list of integration compatibility such as PayPal, WooCommerce, and MailChimp.

In spite of the type of platform in question, Automizy’ lead form has proved efficient and practical. While relying on their communicative tools, they haven’t missed out on the basic advantages, including speedy support and intuitive interface.

With modern templates, drag-and-drop options, and a large template stock to choose from, building and designing completing emails is pretty straightforward. Here are some mentionable highlights;

  • Pros
  • Variety of templates
  • Customizable 
  • DKIM and SPF protocol support for accessing IP addresses and digital signatures
  • Nurturing and polishing the list filtering from unsubscribed or duplicate contact data
  • High usability
  • Free trial
  • Cons
  • Incompatible with cold listing: using outside list emails is not allowed on the platform
  • Lacking split testing option
  • Slightly costly
  • Prices
  • $9: limitedupto 200 subscribers with unlimited sub accounts and unlimited users
  • $18: upto 500 subscribers 
  • $29: upto 1000 subscribers 
  • $49: upto 3,000 subscribers 
  • $69: upto 5,000 subscribers 
  • $99: upto 8,000 subscribers 
  • $119: upto 5,000 subscribers 


With unlimited email marketing campaigns, affordable prices and high standard services- Mailigen software is a response to the most common demands of email marketing and online businesses.

Apart from scheduling emails and attractive features, this platform prompts lead generation, list building and A/B testing features. Similar to the best email marketing platforms, it boasts powerful split testing.

Even though Mailigen has been around for only a few years, their exceptional services have attracted the marketing elites such as Forbes, Toyota and G4S. To get the real feel of the first-tire email marketing experience, new subscribers can join the 30-day free trial.

  • Pros
  • Exceptional trackability: they provide excellent measurements on key performance indicators.
  • Affordability in comparison with provided services
  • Helpful customer support 24/7
  • SMS campaign Management
  • Outstanding templates and straightforward Drag & Drop editor
  • User friendly interface 
  • High deliverability standards
  • Secure cloud based listings
  • Cons
  • Lacking export feature for analytical reports
  • Prices

This company’s motto is to balance between first-class features and lower prices. Annual bills are slightly discounted in comparison with monthly payments. Packages aside, Mailigen boasts mail-based packages for sending out bulk emails.

  • $10: limitedto 500 subscribers 
  • $25: upto 2,5000 customers 
  • $75: upto 7,500 subscribers 


Benchmark originally intends to simplify modern email marketing. While keeping their campaign management features at optimum levels, they aim to simplify the usability tool’s interface.

In terms of user experience, their services have received international recognition, and even ranked as the best email marketing services for their usability by the PC magazine.

From websites to customers, and all in between, Benchmark facilitates close-touch communication with accurate segmentation, report analysis and automation options.

If seeking an email tool with an easy newsletter campaign, look no further.

Sided with many modern and versatile templates to choose from, email marketing remains attractive both for the user and customers.

The most essential in-built tools include High standard usability for drag-and-drop option for creating templates, setting personalise triggers, or drawing analytical reports.

  • Pros
  • High variety of templates
  • Easy interface
  • Strong automation: particularly for behaviour based campaigns
  • Prizewinning customer support services
  • Cons
  • Deliverability issues: their emails are marked as spam occasionally
  • Small storage: paid storage options are available however.
  • Prices
  • $0: limitedupto 250 emails each month
  • $13.99: upto 600 subscribers 
  • $21.99: upto 1000 subscribers 
  • $43.99: upto 3,500 subscribers 
  • $65.99: upto 7,500 subscribers 
  • $106.99: upto 15,000 subscribers
  • $254.99: upto 50,000 subscribers 


Introducing another all-in-one email marketing solution, SendPluse specialises in multi-channel communication.

They incorporate a simple mail transfer protocol to rise above the lengthy and painstaking process of sending emails.

Instead, users can send emails from personalised platforms for a prompt and direct communication with their customers.

Strong lead generation marks another feature of SendPluse such as maintaining subscription forms on an affiliate website.

Other features include outstanding usability, personalising email content based on customer’s journey, real-time interaction indicators, and maintaining and growing subscribers’ lists efficiently.

In general, SendPluse is regarded as one of the market’s premiums in terms of extensive tools and sophisticated features.

Speaking of complexities, the Automation 360 feature presents an automation trigger customization for optimizing the client-content-time variants. Apart from the easy editor and drag & drop option, they offer over 130 email templates for any business demands and holiday specials.

  • Pros
  • Automation 360 feature
  • Adaptive templates 
  • Customizable interface
  • Split testing 
  • CRM and ecommerce integration
  • web push notification for generating further lead
  • SMS Campaigns
  • attractive interface with great usability
  • integral walkthrough and training videos
  • a genuine all-in-one solution
  • Cons
  • Missing on image editor in Drag & Drop editor
  • Prices

SendPluse comes with a free plan, and a free trial on the pro subscriptions. 

  • Free Plan: free until 12K emails, and rising to 7.08 for 25K and 13.48 for 50K emails 
  • Professional Plan: $59.88 until 100K emails, and rising to $99.88 for 200K and $139.88 for 300K emails 
  • Enterprise Plan: $219.88 until 500K emails, and rising to $439.08 for 1M, $756.68 for 2M, and $1,383.08 for 5M  emails 


Whereas most of the prior platforms on the list focus on objectives such as user friendliness and intuitive interface to target almost anyone with an email marketing need,

MoonMail is a heavily sophisticated tool for tech-savvy and professional users.

The company thrives for increasing the campaign’s exposure and list nurturing- by mainly increasing the exposure of a business to their clients.

In return for overwhelming features and complex functionalities, they deliver outstanding email marketing campaigns and comprehensive personalisation options.

Such in-built features safeguard an emailing campaign from common pitfalls, while delivering spam-proof deliverability, strong A/B testing, social media and alternative platform integration and much more.

  • Pros
  • Exposure by all means
  • Report based visual observations
  • Attractive interface and a comprehensive dashboard
  • Advanced features and customization options
  • Outstanding deliverability
  • Latest segmentation tools
  • A 14 day trial
  • Cons
  • Sign up process takes longer than usual
  • May be overwhelming for novice email marketing users
  • Lacking split testing feature
  • Prices
  • $0: limitedto 2000 subscribers and 300 emails per month 
  • $23.99: upto 25,000 subscribers and $0.05 USD per 1,000 emails sent
  • $47.99: upto 75,000 subscribers and  $0.05 USD per 1,000 emails sent
  • $319.99: unlimited subscribers and  $0.05 USD per 1,000 emails sent


As an outstanding business automation platform for small businesses, Ontraport displays similar features as the best email marketing services and all-in-one marketing solutions.

However, what makes this Saint Barbara-based company stand out is their comprehensive CRM tool with broad access to all the tools and data required for running a lucrative email marketing campaign.

Customized automation stretches from emails to unique custom objects for creating tools and pinpointing relationships between segments.

Aside from automation, they dive even deeper into providing convenient services, including; building membership websites, affiliate program manager, tools for expanding and polishing the list, and all other features for marketing and sales.

The statistical data reveal the platform’s extensive optimization for landing pages, email and SMS campaigns, and subscription forms. When it comes to prices, Ontraport stands among the budget friendly options in return for tons of features. 

  • Pros
  • Affordability
  • Unified marketing solution
  • Custom objects
  • Convenient Ecommerce tools
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Cons
  • Basic dashboard interface
  • Prices

There is no free forever plan, but they provide a two week trial period without credit card registration.

  • Basic Plan: Starting at $79 a month, unlimited emails, 1000 subscribers and one user 
  • Professional Plan: Starting at $297 a month, unlimited emails, 10,000 subscribers and upto 3 users 
  • Enterprise Plan: Starting at $497 a month, unlimited emails, 20,000 plus subscribers and upto 5 users 

Campaign Monitor 

If you are looking to draw more attention to an existing marketing strategy by using a new tool, Campaign Monitor is an excellent choice.

Many of the prevailing email marketers have migrated to this platform as a solution to stagnant sales or negative ROIs.

Campaign Monitor is highlighted for granting exceptional quality on the email content. Features like pixel-perfect image loading, attractive template, and other strong attributes of email building tools.

In addition to beautifully crafted content, the platform introduces; a set of mobile optimized templates, easy creation of templates, attractive features, a variety of ready-to-use samples and even language customization tools.

The technical aspect of campaign management also looks great; offering reliable channels for generating leads and high ROI rates.

Their management tools extend to detail user segment creation and easy selection of products from website to customer lists. Among the debugging pluses, this platform has been mentioned in various listings for their premium customer support.

  • Pros
  • Attractive and diverse template
  • Great community and support desk
  • Campaign monitoring tools: additional tips on efficiency of campaigns, real-time interaction, etc. 
  • Split testing
  • Mobile friendly templates
  • Cons
  • High prices
  • Limited training resources
  • Prices

Their plans are based on the number of suvìbscribers; starting at 500 subscribers, the plan starts at $9 a month. Gradually, their prices surge to $99 a month for 5000 subscribers.


One of the most reputable email marketing solutions out there is MailChimp, known for speedy customer services and flamboyant automation features.

Nominated as best email marketing software in connection with affordability, they hold a title for providing value for subscription plans.

What really makes them a popular tool is their starter plan at absolutely no cost, and almost all the features required for a jump-start of a small business.

They furnish an all-in-one solution for automated email services, enhanced with a free in-built CRM for maximum ROI.

Businesses eventually grow and require higher maintenance; they can sign up for MailChimp’s paid subscription, or use the pay-as-you-go systems.

  • Pros
  • Cohenensive report: from products to customers journey to campaign’s performance details,etc.
  • Templates: easy  to use template interface and editor
  • Free plan with competitive features 
  • Several integration option
  • Highly compatible with inbound campaigns
  • Cons
  • Limited advanced customization on automated emails
  • High costs for paid subscriptions
  • Prices
  • $0: limitedupto 2000 contacts 
  • $29.99: upto 2,500 contacts 
  • $75.99: upto 10,000 contacts 
  • $129: upto 15,000 contacts 
  • $159: upto 20,000 contacts 
  • $189: upto 25,000 contacts 
  • $219: upto 30,000 contacts 
  • $259: upto 50,000 contacts 


As one of the most affordable premium subscriptions in the market, Mailjet stands in a class by itself.

The software is rather straightforward in interface and usability, together with intuitive template editing.

Mailjet also allows multi-user features for synchronizing marketing management. This software functions as a newsletter auto sender and one-off email triggers, stimulated in response to customer interaction.

Although the good news on this exceptional platform does not stop there; their attractive features extend to a free plan with absolutely no subscription limit. Let’s take a peek at Mailjet’s features;

  • Pros
  • Competitive prices while providing value
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription system
  • Split testing 
  • Detailed segmentation
  • Running SMS campaigns
  • Outstanding delivebrit
  • supporting over 80 integrations
  • Cons
  • Limited features on the basic plan 
  • Lack of advanced automation options
  • Limited features for advanced segmentation
  • Prices
  • Free Plan: upto 200 emails each day, unlimited subscribers
  • Basic Plan: starting at $9.65 and 30,000 emails per month, unlimited subscribers
  • Premium Plan: starting at $20.95 for 30,000 emails, and upto $96.95 for 150,00 emails monthly
  • Enterprise Plan: customised quoting

Enterprise plan is the only package that comes with deliverability report, more comprehensive segmentation and advanced automation options.


Noted as the best email marketing software for small businesses, SendX offers a world-class email marketing solution with remarkable automation features and highly affordable rates.

The attractive prices and comprehensive in-built tools have turned this automated marketing platform popular among the business starters and small-sized companies.

SendX software is relatively easy to use with a straightforward interface to create campaigns at no time and nurture email lists by data capture forms.

However, their focal point is their deliverability with extended details such as real time reports, and auto segmentation based on geographic position. 

They boast over 50 varieties of ready-to-use templates- anything from holiday themed templates, elegant and artistic, to ecommerce and SaaS templates.

  • Pros
  • Attractive temples
  • Round the clock support both online and help desk
  • Free trial period
  • Highly affordable in contrast with proposed features
  • Smart and geo-targeted deliverability
  • Intuitive interface and easy to use editor
  • Drip marketing facilities
  • Reliable customer service and technical help desk
  • Cons
  • No customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Lack of sales funnels
  • Prices

They facilitated compensation for their in-depth services through two modules; based on  the number of emails sent, or the number of subscribers. Here are their monthly prices based on subscription. For more discounts apply for annual billing.

  • $9.99: limitedupto 1000 subscribers 
  • $19.99: upto 2,500 subscribers 
  • $39.99: upto 5000 subscribers 
  • $59.99: upto 10,000 subscribers 
  • $79.99: upto 15,000 subscribers 


iContant remains in the limelight of professional marketing, chiefly focusing on sales integration. It is one of the oldest automated services available in the market.

Not only for creating and running marketing campaigns, iContact ensures higher ROI rates.

The platform’s trackability tool is not limited to the subscriber’s inbox; this powerful integration can map out the entire sales strategy, including marketing efforts, landing page optimization and affiliate platforms.

The holy grail of this outstanding marketing company is to keep the software’s functionality easy and efficient.

Although for those requiring more help, their community is ready to provide professional support round the clock.

What makes iContant separate from the rest is their highly affordable rates for top-tier features and the Salesforce CRM tool.

  • Pros
  • Full Salesforce integration: it comes with built-in storage capacity and along with social media’s and other dynamic data integration tools
  • Exceptional deliverability scores
  • Strong application programing interface
  • Variety of templates with easy to use editor
  • Affordable rates 
  • A 30 days free trial on every plan
  • Cons
  • Relatively limited image storage spaces
  • Additional costs for several add-on tools
  • Prices

Their pricing motio us based on low prices and empowered value;

Base Plan

  • $15: limitedupto 1,500 subscribers 
  • $25: upto 2,500 subscribers 
  • $45: upto 5,000 subscribers 

Pro Plan

  • $30: limitedupto 1,500 subscribers 
  • $50: upto 2,500 subscribers 
  • $90: upto 5,000 subscribers 


Despite the fact of being a young company, Autopilot is one of the most trusted email automation service providers.

They claim to be the best in terms of producing visual marketing journeys at economical rates.

Glimmering reviews and feedback to back their claims for spotting new clients, nurturing and growing a genuine buyers’ list.

Email automation is taken to the advanced heights by premium lead generation, list optimization, lots of customizable triggers for automated emails and an outstanding workflow management system.

Known for their thorough reporting, Autopilot analysis covers from SEO chains, insights on the running marketing strategies, campaigns and more.

Let’s have a brief glance look on the advantages and disadvantage of this all-in-one marketing tool;

  • Pros
  • Strong automation features: including third party apps, auto senders, and templates
  • Compatibility with several third-party trading platforms
  • Storing deliverability features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Split testing
  • Cons 
  • Lacking built-in CRM: however, it is compensated with ecommerce platform integrations 
  • High cost
  • Price

While most companies display features based on the subscription plan Autopilot’s pricing is solely founded on the number of subscribers. It means that even basic plans comprise advanced features:

  • Silver Plan: $49 limitedto 2000 subscribers 
  • Gold Plan:  $149 upto 5,000 customers 
  • Platinum Plan: $249 upto 10,000 subscribers 

Yearly packages are calculated at lower rated for a month’s worth of usage. Additionally, there is a free 30 day trial for all the subscription tiers.


Campaigner is an advanced email marketing tool with all the minimum requirements of a top-grade email automation software.

Alongside maintaining a comprehensive list of in-built tools, the most impressive feature of Campaigner is their grand list of template- available for all professional and recurrent needs.

The software interface is relatively straightforward in all mediums, whether to create templates, managing campaigns, drawing analytical reports or checking your email’s status in the subscriber’s inbox.

They even included automation segmentation for the freshers in the world of automated email marketing.

In order to avoid disappointing the tech-savvy users, the software comprises an editor’s choice grade customization for personalise segments or defining one-off triggers.

All these features put together, affordability is Campaigner platform’s best take out.

  • Pros
  • Intuitive and customisable interface 
  • Uncluttered dashboard and easy template creation
  • Unlimited email per month
  • Outstanding analysis incòuding real-time reports
  • Well-developed integration including social media platforms
  • A/B split testing
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy registration
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free trial available
  • Cons 
  • Lacking a free plan
  • Credit card is required to access the free trial
  • Price
  • Starter Plan: at $49.95 and upto 5k contacts
  • Essential Plan: at $149.95 and upto 25k contacts
  • Advanced Plan: at $549.95 and upto 100k contacts
  • Ecommerce Plan: at $79.95 and unlimited contacts

Salesforce Paradot 

Salesforce Pardot is epitomized around clear communication and effortless email marketing automation.

With a remarkable variety of tools and highly sophisticated template creation- the company is suggested as highly efficient communication services- by delivering the right message at the right time and to the right person.

The temple editor tool offers customizable designs, intuitive formatting interface and compatibility with any external template.

Based on the buyers’ expectation and customer’s journey, automation tools help to deliver personalised content that resonates with the interests of the inbox holder.

Plenty of after math tools are sheathed within the platform to increase ROI rates such as A/B split testing before pushing the send button, spam filter check, trackability of emails and much more. 

  • Pros
  • Personalised segmentation and automation features
  • High usability
  • Salesforce integration
  • Outstanding UI
  • Facilitating Drip Campaigns
  • Business to business marketing strategy
  • Two weeks free trial 
  • Cons
  • Analytics and report extractions are not customizable
  • Prices

The monthly rates include;

  • Growth Plan: at $1,250 and up to 10k contacts
  • Plus Plan: at $2,500 and upto 10k contacts- with more advanced analytics
  • Advanced Plan: at $4,000 and upto 10k contacts- thorough reports and AI support
  • Premium Plan: at $15,000 and 75k contacts

Additional suite fees:

  • B2B Marketing Analytics Plus at $3,000 per month
  • Salesforce Engage at $50 per month
  • Engagement History Dashboards at $300 per year


Previously known as InfusionSoft, this automated email company goes by the name “Keap” since 2019.

Under whichever name, the company itself is backed by two decades of user satisfaction and clear-cut business automation strategies.

The platform is riddled with intuitive features located across the software, from template editors, campaign managers, to nurturing leads.

In addition to the name, the management of this chandler-based company claims that their company motto remains pretty much the same; to provide automated solutions to small business owners, in order to maintain on-time and promotional communication with their clients.

Keap offers integration to the main e-commerce outlets and over 300 third party apps- providing access to a comprehensive set of business tools.

It is an easy to use visual campaign builder with tons of training videos upon subscription.

  • Pros
  • Usability and interface
  • Largely scalable trackability
  • Comprehensive integration and UI
  • 24/7 support desk and responsive online community
  • Training
  • Built-in ecommerce
  • Free trial
  • Cons
  • Expensive kickstart fees
  • High monthly subscription fees
  • Low delivebity scores when compared with top-tier email marketing providers
  • Prices

For their outstanding features and interface, Keap proposes fairly moderate pricing. However, the costs do not end at monthly subscriptions, topped with a starter fee and add-on charges. Here are the monthly packages;

  • Essential Plan at $199 
  • Delux Sales Plan at $299 
  • Delux e-commerce Plan $299 
  • Complete Plan at  $379 
  • Teams Plan at $599

Zoho Campaigns 

Full featured email marketing and all-in-one solution for small to large business- Zoho Campaigns are an all round automation option at affordable rates.

Despite the complexity of the feature, the software is exceedingly easy to operate.

While catering the automated marketing needs for some of the marketing giants, Zoho aims to grow a business’s campaigns by integrating third party apps, including social media platforms and WordPress.

Several customizing options are available for setting up an automated campaign including auto sender newsletter, shopping triggers, and sales follow-ups.

Ultimately, featured and personalised email interaction with recipients contribute to a higher ROI.

Another way Zoho contributes to successful campaigns is by nurturing and polishing the list, and keeping it spam free.

  • Pros
  • Intuitive campaign design. In addition to ease of use, campaign create attractive content
  • Strong integration with Zoho CRM
  • Easy to use and attractive templates 
  • Thorough report and analysis
  • Omni channel and cloud base deployment
  • Outstanding subscriber management
  • Compatibility with a large set of devices
  • Cons 
  • Time consuming set up at the initial stage
  • Costly option for small businesses
  • English-only language support
  • Prices

Each monthly package goes as the following:

Forever Free Plan: 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers

Email-Based Plan: $3, 500 emails and 250 subscribers

Subscriber-Based Plan: $5, unlimited emails and 500 subscribers

Pay by Email Credit: $6 for 250 credits


Klaviyo boasts the most lucrative features of an email marketing software; 360 degree customer profile and thorough customer journey analysis, detailed segmentation including customised sections, scalable tracking features and easy interface such as drag-and-drop template editors. 

However, their key difference with other marketing softwares is their emphasis on ecommerce solutions.

Broad features are offered on social media and ecommerce integration, sales tracking and reports and even providing insights on a campaign’s efficiency.

They permit users to access real time data from their customers and campaigns, including on-time interaction notification and one-off email triggers. Here is a broader look on Klaviyo;

  • Pros
  • Usability: ease of use and convenient interface with the help of What You See Is What You Get system
  • Strong segmentation setting:according to Klaviyo, segmentation is everything for powerful marketing and effective targets
  • 1click integrations: it permits data withdrawal on sales from various outlets
  • Powerful tracking system
  • Suitable for all business sizes
  • Mobile optimized
  • Offers a free trial and a free plan
  • Cons
  • High price range
  • Prices
  • $0: limitedto 10 subscribers
  • $25: upto 300 subscribers 
  • $50: upto 3,100 subscribers 
  • $175: upto 10,000 subscribers 
  • $400: upto 16,000 subscribers 
  • $700: upto 46,000 subscribers 
  • Customized Enterprise Plan:for over 151,000 subscribers

In today’s world, automated email marketing plays an essential role in the profitable realization of an online business strategy.

It is of sheer importance to choose a reliable and efficient software, to avoid major drawbacks such as loss of investment, brand trust and negative ROI rates.

Below, you can find of the most prominent tips that help to pick the best email marketing services;

  • Choose the right software based on the email marketing company’s portfolio: With countless top-tier companies out there in the market, choosing the best one may be disconcerting. The very first filter is the company’s portfolio. It is best to match your business’s size and demands with the automation software target prospect. 
  • Prices: There is no successful marketing strategy without scalable costs and other metrics. After sifting through portfolios, check the softwares price listing. Free plans and trials count as well.
  • Tools and features: Now, it is time to dive deeper into technical level, by enlisting the offered features, marketing tools, integrations, automation customs, segments and how much of these features actually is required.
  • Research their community: When partnering with any digital company, your business will be affected by their management style and efficiency. A faulty management can greatly hinder your process in case of facing technical issues. 
  • Compatible business mottos: Mottos are the shortcuts to business strategies. Go through the companies with compatible business slogans with your own.

By following these tips and a basic knowledge of technical requirements from email marketing campaigns, picking just the right solution becomes easy.

Final thoughts

In effect, there is an email marketing solution for everyone on the above list, that ranges from budget-based services, to advanced CRM integrations, or technically complex segmentation at higher costs.  


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