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30 Min Walk and Exercise for Seniors | Easy Guide

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Senior mature people doing exercises with dumbbells

A moderate endurance exercise routine for an older adult should include 150 minutes of moderate activity per week. Taking part in physical activity such as walking, swimming, cycling or spending a little time on strength and flexibility daily will help you achieve these goals.

Although this may seem like a lot of exercise, you can eat healthy and exercise at the same time if you break it down into smaller chunks. Using the following week as an example, and suggestions for exercises you can do to get started:

30-Minute fitness routine

For people who are just getting started, here are a few exercises for building strength without setting foot in the gym.

Constriction of the abdominal muscles

In order to increase abdominal strength.

  1.   Tendon your abdominal muscles and take a deep breath.
  2.   The contraction should last three breaths and then be released.
  3.   Repeat 12 times.

Performing wall pushups

The chest and shoulders should be stronger.

  1.   The distance between your feet and the wall should be about 3 feet, facing the wall and shoulder-width apart.
  2.   Place both hands flat on the wall at shoulder height, while keeping your spine straight. Your hands should be directly in line with your shoulders.
  3.   Then push back your body as you lower toward the wall.
  4.   Repeat 12 times.

Tilting pelvis

Lower back muscles should be strengthened and stretched.

  1.   Taking a deep breath, tightening your buttocks, and tilting your hips slightly forward will help you move forward.
  2.   Hold for three counts.
  3.   Next, tilt your hips back for three seconds, holding for 5 seconds. (It’s a very subtle movement.)
  4.   Repeat 10 to 12 times.

The shoulder blades squeeze together

To stretch the chest and strengthen the postural muscles.

  1.   Your shoulders should be pushed toward each other when you rest your hands on your lap and sit straight in your seat.
  2.   Stay upright while keeping your shoulders down and away from your ears. Hold for 3 seconds.
  3.   Release and repeat 10 to 12 times.

Tap your toes

Leg strength training

  1.   You can feel your shin muscles working by lifting your toes while seated in a chair and keeping your heels on the floor.

The leg exercises help circulate blood through the leg and strengthen the lower leg.

  1.   Repeat 22 times.

The heel is raised.

Calves should be strengthened to increase muscle mass.

  1.   Put your toes and your balls of your feet flat on the floor and lift your heels when seated in a chair.
  2.   Repeat 22 times.

Lifting your knees

Thighs should be strengthened

  1.   Lie on your back with your arms resting above the armrests, as if you were sitting in a chair. Contract your quadriceps muscles, lifting your leg about 2 or 3 inches off the seat.
  2.   Pause for 3 seconds and gradually lower your leg.
  3.   Finish 8 to 12 repetitions and then repeat with the reverse leg.

Stretching the back and shoulders

Shoulders and backs should be stretched

  1.   Raising your right arm to chest level and keeping your fist near your left shoulder, bend your right arm so that your elbow is placed close to your chest.
  2.   Your left hand should be on your right elbow while your right arm should be gently pulled across your chest.
  3.   Hold for 25 to 35 seconds.
  4.   Repeat with the reverse arm.

Rotations at the ankle

Calves are strengthened by running.

  1.   While seated, slowly turn your right foot 5 times to the right and 5 times to the left as you rotate your right foot off the ground.
  2.   Step left and repeat.

It’s time to stretch it out.

Starting with two basic stretches will improve your flexibility and make every activity less painful, including reaching for a dish from the cupboard.

Adjust the collarbone

Relax the upper back and neck.

  1.   Your feet must be flat on the ground; your arms should be relaxed at your sides. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2.   Turn your head slowly to the right. Do not tip your head forward or backward. Stop when you feel a slight stretch. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds.
  3.   Keep your left foot planted for 10 to 30 seconds.
  4.   Repeat 4 to 6 times.

Front of the body

It reduces tension in the shoulders and upper back.

  1.   You should sit flat on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart in a firm chair.
  2.   The palms of your hands should face out and the backs of your hands should be joined together at shoulder level. Turn your shoulders so they are not scrunched up near your ears.
  3.   Reach your fingers out until you feel a stretch. Your back will shift apart from the back of the chair.
  4.   Halt and hold for 12 to 32 seconds.
  5.   Repeat 4 to 5 times.

Balancing aids

Balance exercises, such as the ones described here, can help older adults prevent falls, since they require a strong sense of balance in order not to fall. Tai chi or yoga are good activities for helping you achieve a sense of balance. It’s easy to do balance exercises every day. You can even do them in line at the grocery store or bank.

Moving weight

  1.   Place your feet hip-width apart and distribute your weight evenly across both feet.
  2.   The hands should be at your sides during this exercise. If you need the chair for balance, you can place it in front of you.
  3.   Lifting your left foot and shifting your weight to your right side will help you feel more comfortable.
  4.   Start with a 10-second hold and gradually increase to 30 seconds.
  5.   Replicate the exercise with the opposite leg, returning to the starting position.
  6. Repeat 4 times.
  7. Place your feet hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips. You may also want to hold on to a sturdy chair for support.
  8.  Then, raise your left foot off of the floor and bend at the knee while lifting your heel halfway from the floor to your buttocks.
  9. Start with a 10-second hold and gradually increase to 30 seconds.
  10. Continue with the opposite leg and return to the starting position.
  11. Repeat 4 times.

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