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When you're at this point in a job interview, you don't want to remain unprepared for what comes next. Employment Agency Melbourne have given some sample questions that they've seen work in real life. These are mentioned below: 

Concerns regarding the team

  1. What kinds of abilities does the team lack that you'd like to fill with a new hire?
  2. Describe the most significant hurdles I could face in this position.
  3. Do you anticipate that my primary duties in this role will change in the next six to twelve months?
  4. Could you demonstrate to me a little bit about the company I'll be dealing with?
  5. Who will I be collaborating with the most closely? With which other departments or units will I be interacting?
  6. Could you perhaps inform me regarding my direct reports? What are their main strengths and flaws as a team?

Questions about your particular career

  1. Describe your goals for me in this position.
  2. Describe the most critical thing I should get done in my first 90 days.
  3. What is the quality evaluation procedure here? How frequently would I be formally evaluated?
  4. What measures or targets will be used to assess my performance?
  5. Describe the most pressing projects that I would undertake.
  6. How long until I'm… [meeting with clients, managing my own accounts, communicating with other departments, etc.]?

Questions to ask your prospective employer

If the interviewer is your employer, you should also ask similar questions.

  1. How old had you been employed by the firm?
  2. How hard had you been employed as a manager?
  3. What do you enjoy the most about studying here?

Culture-related queries

  1. So how would you usually train new employees?
  2. What are the greatest common surprises for new hires when they start?
  3. Is there any information I should study prior to joining that will help me communicate with my peers?
  4. What is your favourite office custom?
  5. What do you and your colleagues generally do during lunch?
  6. Have you ever collaborated with other organisations or departments on activities?
  7. What makes working here unique from other places you've worked?
  8. How has the firm evolved since your arrival?

Concerns regarding career advancement, career prospects, and potential chances

  1. What possibilities for learning and improvement will I have to get in this job?
  2. How will the organisation I'll be a member of advance professional manner?
  3. Would there be an instance of a future career that begins with this role?
  4. What are the most prevalent career routes in this field?
  5. How are most advancements managed?
  6. Where have top performers gone?

Concerns concerning the firm

  1. Describe the firm's existing goals and how this unit will contribute to reaching those objectives.
  2. What excites you the most regarding the organisation's business?
  3. What words would you use to characterise the organisation's mission?
  4. Which aspects of the firm evolved in recent years?
  5. What will be the firm's expansion and ideas and principles?

Closing remarks

  1. What am I failing to ask you as I should?
  2. Is there something more I can give you that would have been useful?
  3. Are there any details I can explain about my credentials to you?
  4. What happens next in the recruitment and selection process?


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