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4 Benefits of Greentec Innovations’ Thin Planter Boxes

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There are a million and one reasons to embrace the benefits of introducing live greenery into your home, your office, or your other professional setting.

Luckily, now, with the high-quality thin planter boxes available online from Greentec Innovations (PotsPlantersandMore.com) you can do so in style and work around the constraints of your interior spaces’ dimensions.

1. Bringing the outdoors in
Let’s keep a focus on what this is mainly about: the benefits of live arrangements. Many of us are spending just a bit too much time inside nowadays, and bringing greenery indoors can help in many ways.

Natural foliage dampens sound and live plants regulate humidity. They can help keep a space warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They also provide oxygen and help filter VOCs from the air.

Plants also make a space feel inviting and many who work or live around plants feel a sense of uplifted mood and overall well-being. Live plants also help a space feel more inviting and secure.

Of course, there are plenty of other benefits of introducing a living arrangement, but these are some of the best.

2. Ideal for contemporary or futuristic designs
Greentec Innovations’ thin planter boxes – specifically their Milano Narrow Planter Boxes – feature neutral coloration and straight, modern linear aesthetics.

They are unassuming enough to work their way into more traditional settings but modern enough to complement even the most austere brutalist or postmodern interior. They’re also available in several painted finishes.

In a word, they are versatile, which is probably one of the reasons that so many professional settings across the country have embraced them.

3. They’re easy to clean and exhibit exceptionally high quality
Greentec Innovations’ Milano thin planter boxes are made from high-quality fiberglass and available with or without drainage holes – depending on the needs of your unique setting.

Keeping them clean is simple since they lack ornate designs and structures, and since they’re made from UV-resistant and corrosion-proof fiberglass, they’re ideal for nearly any setting.

4. They’re suitable for a wide range of different sorts of plants
Some plants don’t do well in shallow planters because they have large, deep root systems. These narrow planter boxes give you the option of flexibility, as they’re suitable for growing everything from herbs to flowers to vegetables and of course ornamental plants.

You choose the substrate and depth you need for your plants to flourish – these thin planter boxes give you that flexibility.

Partnered with the Best
Sound like a steal to you yet? Well, it should! Large, successful ventures around the world have chosen Greentec Innovations’ designs to outfit their offices – these are the planters of choice for organizations like Google, Shake Shack, and even the Boston Red Sox!

Where Can You Learn More?
Love these features, but not sure if thin planter boxes are right for your organization? Never worry – PotsPlantersandMore.com has plenty of other indoor and outdoor garden planters and raised planters, in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes, and aesthetics, that would be perfect as alternatives to garden beds.

Visit their website to learn more about their proprietary designs and benefits or get in touch with them directly at 855-739-9162.

For more information about Extra Large Planters and Wholesale Planters Please Visit : Greentec Innovations, Inc.


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