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4 Benefits of Using Managed It Services for Your Business

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Today enterprises indulge in a fierce battle of offering impeccable experiences tailored to the customers’ exact needs at scale. As easy as it might seem, offering such solutions required an extensive and tedious implementation process driven by both human caliber and leading-edge technologies. Regardless of how many IT personnel you have in your team, there is always room for more experienced professionals, considering how quickly our tech landscape evolves. And this is where managed IT services can help your IT services company.

They not only reduce the exhaustive pressure on your in-house staff but allows you to delegate your workforce to more strategic and complex tasks, thereby improving productivity across departments.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services refer to IT support and services offered, managed, and maintained by external IT consulting services via cloud-based software. These IT solutions include remote round-the-clock monitoring and management, proactively supporting the IT needs, and timely troubleshooting and repairing services for tech systems. The external IT services company you bring in usually includes experts and consultants with diverse expertise, experience, and industry knowledge in your domain.

Why Does Your Firm Need Managed IT Services?

A significant reason enterprises today invest in managed IT services is that it allows them to focus on their core competencies while taking charge of mundane tasks. Other imperative objectives include:

  • System down times can cost businesses over $5600 per minute, as stated by Gartner.
  • Covid-19 has unexpectedly sent the industrial economy towards uncharted territory. SWZD reports that over 53% of businesses, to explore long-term; IT changes and built strategic road maps, will grow their IT budgets over the next 12 months.
  • INC reports that over 60% of businesses will cease to exist in the next six months in case of a data disaster.

These are a few of the countless reasons you need reliable managed IT services and how critical it is to ensure business growth and success.

The Benefits of Employing Managed IT Services for Your Business

The following are the myriad benefits IT support services offers regarding efficient resource allocation and service improvement.

#1: Predictable and scalable costs (OPEX)

Undeniably, investing in IT systems and infrastructure development is a costly undertaking. Similar to all business investments, it is normal to consider the returns it can bring and if your business can sustain and grow even with this upfront expenditure. You can group them into a single fixed OPEX cost since such IT consulting services usually operate at a fixed monthly charge that won’t burn a hole into your pockets.

#2: Improved user productivity

As a business leader, you will only want to invest in technology enhancing business operations and user productivity. If your tech doesn’t bring you the results you’re expecting, that can cause significant damage to your customer base and business reputation. IDC reports that system downtime costs more than $50000 every 100 users to an organization. The proactive approach of managed IT services can reduce network and server downtime by a significant margin.

#3: Boost IT staff productivity

You often see your IT staff engrossed with resolving user queries or solving IT issues. These tasks not only divert your IT team’s attention from their core responsibilities but leads to employee frustration. By outsourcing these tasks to an IT services company, you can relieve your team from indulging in such menial tasks and instead focus on more critical functions.

#4: Scale as you grow

As your business grows, so does its support and maintenance needs. Managed IT services allow you to scale up and down quickly as per your business needs; they regularly check for the assets costing the most against the revenue they bring into the organization.

Future Mapping a Support Road map with Managed IT Services

Most businesses find it hard to regulate their IT operations, especially if they’re growing at a breakneck pace. It is why working with an IT services company can help you take note of your current demands and address future bandwidth needs while employing the latest technologies.


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