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One of the best strategies you can use for your product promotion efforts is to produce videos featuring your products. You might even decide to partner with a video creative agency that serves as a complete product education platform to help you create video content. No matter what the final video looks like, it will be much more effective than a few photos and a description. Here are a few reasons why you should use videos as part of your product promotion strategy to help educate potential consumers and earn their trust.

A Video Is Worth a Thousand Pictures

A video will always be more effective than a picture and words describing your products. Potential customers can’t hold an item they see online in their hands, so the next best thing is seeing someone else interact with your product in a video. They can see how a piece of clothing fits, how large a kitchen product might be on their counter, or how an item might feel in their hands. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. It helps your customers get a better understanding of your product and see it in action.

Show, Don’t Tell

A paragraph about how an item works and how to use it can quickly become confusing for a reader. Your potential customers might leave your site not knowing exactly how your product could fit in their daily life. Promoting your product with videos can help solve this issue. A complete product education platform with the capabilities of explainer video companies can help you create videos that show your customers the utility and versatility of your products. You can even capitalize on expert testimony to showcase the different use cases and provide a demonstration to make sure your customers know exactly why they should choose your product over competitors.

Authentic Reviews

How can consumers tell that the reviews on a site are authentic? Sometimes, it’s not as obvious as you might think, especially when there are thousands of reviews and none of them actually say much. It’s hard to fake a review in video form. You can see the person and the product, and they can give their honest opinion. By collaborating with an expert who is familiar with your product, they can speak with authority about your product. Find product review services that help you connect with experts and industry professionals who already use your products rather than relying on hollow influencer endorsements. The authenticity of an expert review will help gain your potential customers’ trust.

Education Instead of Influencing

Expert testimony can also add authority and credibility to your videos. Experts who use your products every day can give a qualified review or teach consumers how it fits into their daily routine. They know the use cases, the tips and tricks, and the how, why, and when it comes in handy. Influencers aren’t ideal for video content because consumers can see right through them when they don’t actually use the products they promote. With the wisdom they’ve earned from years of industry experience, experts are the best way to educate your audience instead of influencing them.

About The Desire Company

Honest advice matters more than ever, and that means consumers are looking for brands they can trust. The truth is, authenticity is hard to come by. In fact, many consumers don’t believe that influencers even use the products they promote. The Desire Company offers the perfect strategy to counteract this trend. They’re more than a simple creative agency or video production company. They’re a complete product education solution that combines content strategy, expert vetting, matching with their vast Pro Community, video embed technology, and media distribution. Industry experts have gained their hard-earned wisdom from years of experience, and now they can share their qualified opinions with your consumers. Dynamic video content from The Desire Company showcases unscripted truth and the authenticity your brand needs to stand out from the competition and connect with your audience.

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