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With technological advancements and digitalization, we spend most of our time intentionally or unintentionally looking at screens. This could be the computer screens at work, television at home, phones and tablets for children playing games or for entertainment, and more.


Almost all of these screens emit a blue light that’s not natural and causes a strain on our eyes. Constant exposure to blue light can affect your eyesight and cause many other problems, which is why health professionals recommend using blue light filters to help reduce the impact of these lights.


A lot of people use Apple products nowadays. This includes the iPhone, iPad, MacBook laptops, and PCs. Let’s take a look at what blue light filters are and what types of filters are available for these apple products.

Blue Light Filters

Blue light filters are a type of screen cover or protector that blocks the blue light rays and reduces glare on a device’s screen. It also reduces the blue light’s wavelength, displays images sharper, and improves contrast, reducing the exposure and harmful effects of blue light significantly.


Blue Light Filters for Apple Products


1. Blue Light Filter for iPhone

Apple iPhone

Blue light filters are available for all the models of iPhone, a popular mobile manufactured and marketed by Apple. Many people use iPhones, and a blue light filter is an essential product every iPhone owner must use. If you’re looking for a blue light protector for your iPhone, you can find it on My Blue Protector!


Their blue light filters are sleek and fit perfectly on iPhones to maintain the device’s aesthetics and prevent eye strains.


2. Blue Light Filter for iPad

Apple iPad

Children often spend hours on their iPad playing a variety of games. However, spending so much time using iPads negatively impacts their eyesight, sleep cycles, and overall health.


Get a blue light filter and install it on your iPad screen to reduce your kids’ exposure to blue light. You can find blue light filters for iPads on My Blue Protector’s website.


3. Blue Light Filter for Your Mac

Most offices these days use Mac computers because of their high-end features, speed, and reliability. Often, we spend hours looking at our computers without noticing or taking a break because the workload is high. Constant exposure to your Mac screen can take a toll on your health, so installing a blue light filter should be your priority.


Get a blue light filter for your Mac from My Blue Protector today!


4. Blue Light Filters for MacBook

Apple MacBook

Many people working remotely use their personal MacBook laptops for work these days because of the same reason we use Mac computers: speed, reliability, and top-of-the-line features. With the pandemic and lockdowns, a lot of people have started working from their homes, which requires them to use their laptops constantly.


If you’re using your MacBook laptop every day, make sure you have a blue light filter installed. Get one from My Blue Protector today.


Benefits of Getting Blue Light Filters for Apple Products from My Blue Protectors

There are a lot of benefits to getting blue light filters, especially when you get the ones made from My Blue Protector. Some of these include:


Original Colors

Blue light filters from My Blue Protector don’t alter your screen’s original colors and display everything like it is while reducing the exposure to blue light.


Tempered Glass

Blue light filters from My Blue Protector are made of tempered glass, which is hard to break and provides protection to your phone’s screen.


Developed by Optometrists

My Blue Protector’s blue light filter is made after consulting experienced optometrists and is medically approved.


Anti-Bacterial Technology

The blue light filters from My Blue Protector have anti-bacterial properties and don’t allow germs to settle on your screen.


Health Benefits

My Blue Protector’s blue light filters have a lot of health benefits. They provide headache relief, improve sleep cycles, and reduce eye strain.


If you’re looking for high-quality blue light filters for iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, My Blue Protector is your best option.


They are one of the most trusted blue light filter manufacturers in the United States and can ship their products to your doorstep. They also have anti-blue light screen protectors for Samsung devices, Nintendo Switch, and other laptops and screens.


Get in touch with them now to get your blue light blockers today!



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