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If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of finding pajamas the family is happy to wear. They have to be soft, comfortable, and have an exciting pattern. Instead of shopping for pop culture-printed jammies for the kids and clearance sweatpants for yourself, try a different approach to selecting stylish sleepwear. It considers modern art styles and your taste, but is ultimately all about the people wearing the pajamas.

Shop for Comfort and Style

Your sense of style might differ from a seven- or eight-year-old’s, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something you both agree on: comfort. You want soft pajamas to lounge and sleep in, and you can’t get that without high-quality materials. Before considering a particular design, make sure you check the materials. Look for adult and children’s pajamas with modal and cotton to ensure chic and soft sets.

Choose Pajamas From the Same Brand

The easiest way to outfit the whole family in high-quality pajamas is to find a brand offering both adult and children’s styles. You can choose different prints for everyone, like a green pajama short set for you and a banana leaf pattern for the kids, or choose something like a city toile pattern that matches everyone. Purchasing matching pajamas will be memorable for the whole family, especially if they get to help you choose their favorite print after you find the perfect brand.

Get a Shorts Set for Mom

Moms don’t have to do all or nothing if they feel the urge to match their kids. If you’re shopping with the same brand, you can choose the same print as your little ones but in a different style, like a PJ shorts set. You can have all the fun memories of matching your kids and enjoy a style that suits your unique tastes. Shorts sets are also great for Mom because you don’t have to purchase new pajamas for summer and winter. You can snuggle up with your little ones in your favorite pajamas all year long.

Wear Them for Special Occasions

You can make your new pajamas feel more special and exciting by gifting them to the family for occasions that don’t happen every week. Choose a PJ shorts set for yourself and a short-sleeve button-up pajama top with matching pants for the kids. Open them all when it’s time for the special occasion, whether you’re taking a vacation, visiting grandparents, or celebrating a birthday. It will take a long time for the novelty of your matching pajamas to wear off, and once it does, your kids will already be in love with the super soft, high-quality PJs.

Pajamas are an essential item on shopping lists for parents, and it’s not just the kids who need new pajama sets. Parents get to enjoy them too. You can snuggle up with your little ones wearing brand-new PJ shorts sets and delight in those magical mornings and evenings in comfort and style. It might be time to say goodbye to the scratchy pajamas with cartoon characters—and hello to cotton and modal—but you will never have to give up the cozy family moments you love.

About Katie Kime

Katie Kime delivers prints and personalizations that will encourage you to celebrate the vibrant world around you. With matching family pajamas, rich wallpaper, novel home décor, and other artistic offerings, the Katie Kime brand emulates what Katie Kime the artist is passionate about, which is reminding you that you are living, doing, and creating beautiful things. You can take a trip to popular U.S. destinations with the signature city toile and get to know the artist behind the brand through the color, whimsy, and humor instilled in every design for the Katie Kime brand. Inspiring you to live a life full of adventures, textures, and colors, Katie Kime makes it easy to love your home and take pleasure in every moment you live inside of it.

Find the family pajamas of your dreams with Katie Kime at https://www.katiekime.com/

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