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Garage security is key, literally. Thieves, unfortunately, will use unprotected houses, break in, and enter when the opportunity arises. Did you know that a garage is one of the most common home burglaries?

Even if you don’t have something important in your garage, improving the safety of your garage to protect your home, property and family should be a priority. Here is a list of the most common types of garage door locks to consider.

Common locks

There is certainly no shortage of high-security keys and compatible features available in the market, many of which can be installed by a competent DIYer. Depending on how big security you are considering, you may want to think about it

a). Side door bolts

A popular choice for homeowners, these are often used for many types of garage door designs. Side doors are installed inside the garage door, making them invisible from the outside. Since this makes it very difficult for the criminal to break in the door, he may not bother.

b). Deadbolt Locks

This provides further reinforcement of the garage door itself. You can also find deadbolt locks for greater security. Deadbolt lock styles take up a huge amount of effort to navigate without keys, discouraging potential entrants from breaking in.

T-handle lock

The T-handle lock is the most commonly used lock you will find on the doors of a metal garage. Instead of using ordinary (unlocking) keys to lock the door, this type of lock system uses a hard, duplicate key to holding the handle.

Garage door locks are best suited for use with wooden garage doors. These are often used for large door designs where bolts are not suitable. Locks are mounted on both sides of the garage door, using a deadbolt locking mechanism for complete protection.

Garage door guards

For added protection for the heavy work of garage doors that go up and down, garage door protectors are hard to beat. The lock consists of a large arm mounted in front of the door, which is locked in a lock-based concrete.

The protector’s arm is placed on top of the base and limits the movement of the door. Garage door protectors are an excellent visual barrier, and they provide effective ways to protect your garage.

Instead of using conventional locks, advanced technologies have produced electronic locks using fingerprints instead of keys to use the lock. Advanced systems support multiple fingerprints, allowing more authorized users to gain access.

Although it is a very expensive option, millions of electric garage doors are among the most secure options available and maybe the right investment to protect your home, its occupants, and its contents.

keyless locks

Digital, keyless locks provide a high level of security and work perfectly without the use of keys. Just create your input code to type the keypad to gain access. Lock keys will block intruders as they may not be able to guess the password you have set or damage the system to force access.

Lastly, if your home has an alarm system installed, this can easily be extended to cover your garage. Place door sensors on the garage door and any sidewalk / back entry points. For easy installation, select a wireless alarm system.

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