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What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are a tooth-shaped cap placed on the tooth if it is damaged or broken to restore the size, shape, and appearance of the tooth. It also enhances the strength of the tooth. If you're missing your incisor's tooth

(a narrow-edged tooth at the front of the mouth), then the Tooth Crown is the best solution for it. By placing a dental crown, a tooth can function normally again. 

Some factors are important to consider when you're choosing a crown, including:


  • Durability

  • Cost

  • Strength 

When is a Dental Crown needed?

Dental crowns are used as caps if your tooth is missing or fractured to protect the life of your teeth. 

  • Protect a tooth from fracturing due to an accident 

  • Replace a tooth that is too large for a filing

  • Get a cap over the Implant placed

  • Replace the tooth on which RCT was performed

  • Cover discolored

Besides, a dental crown gives your tooth strength, size, shape and improves your tooth's appearance. Don't delay the process; otherwise, there would be a chance of damaging your tooth. 

Some do's and don't with Dental Crowns:


  • It is important to maintain good oral hygiene; therefore, a Dental crown would be the best option if you lost your natural teeth.

  • If your teeth are tight, then it is advised to use a mouth protector to protect your crown, and this also allows your teeth to wear down.

  • Get crowns only by a dental expert who is trained in placing dental implants. 

  • Visit your dentist every 6months to make sure that your oral health is good.


  • Don't use your teeth as tools. Otherwise, it'll damage your crown

  • Don't bite your nails and chew pencils

  • Don't eat sticky food

  • Don't consume too hot or too cold food

Caring for your teeth:

Like your natural teeth, crowns can break too, and teeth under the crown can get infected. Here are some tips to prevent cavities or damage to your crown:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. 

  • Avoid eating chewing gums and hard food like pencils, especially if you have tooth-colored crowns.

What is your crown made from?

Crowns are made from various materials such as Ceramics, Porcelain fused, metal alloys, or composite resin. When a crown is made, this kind of material will match your original teeth' color. If you want your crown to look natural and comfortable in your mouth. To decide which material to use in your crown, you and your dentist will consider many factors such as:

  • The function and tooth's location

  • The amount of tooth that shows when you smile

  • The color or shade of the surrounding teeth

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