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Coworking spaces have been on the rise during the past years. Since its first establishment in Vienna in 2002, it is slowly becoming a popular choice of the workplace for many professionals and has shaped the contemporary work set-ups business adopt

In Buffer’s study in 2019, it was revealed that coworking spaces are ranked second among locations where remote employees work- the first being home. It could be argued that the growing demand for coworking spaces has grown as they offer the comfort of being at home while keeping an environment professional.

People who choose coworking spaces to work in consider things like having more job control, community-building, networking opportunities, and flexibility as benefits that they get from their preferred location. 

Professionals also gain long-term impacts from having an experience with coworking spaces such as finding a new friend, having a new business idea, developing a new skill set, or an overall improved outlook towards work.

And so, while many hip and sophisticatedly designed coworking spaces can cost a bit much, the advantages people get from it are definitely worth their price. At the end of the day, going for something that helps get the job done efficiently as well as provides exemplary life-long effects is always worth it. 

With all these in mind, it’s also important to note that there’s so much more to coworking spaces and the people using them. The said benefits people get from it are not necessarily things that come to them naturally. As a matter of fact, each space is designed to create the most ideal work environment for people- professional, collaborative, and productive.

So, how exactly are coworking spaces designed? What about coworking spaces that improve the quality of work people do? How can coworking spaces prompt productivity among employees? Here are some features coworking spaces have that make all these things possible:

Communal Spaces

From the name itself, a coworking space is designed to be communal. The idea of a coworking space is that of a workplace where every individual- regardless of their company, industry, or position- can work together.

A coworking space allows people to collaborate and work on sharing ideas, expertise, and skills with each other. This can lead to business deals or mentorship that can hone meaningful relationships among people.

Having a space where positive relationships are created can nurture a community that is inspiring, motivating, and helpful. This helps each worker to improve at what they do and feel fulfilled about doing them.

Personal Spaces

Although coworking spaces are specially designed for a social work environment, it also caters to people with different and dynamic work habits. If a person prefers to work alone in some circumstances, they can do so by having their own space to work in. 

Coworking spaces are also inclusive for people who might not be willing to regularly socialize with different people from all walks of life just yet. Having both options can also give workers the flexibility to test and experiment with the kind of work environment that works best for them.

Being able to work on your own terms when it comes to the setting is an important aspect of productivity as both comfortability and compatibility can greatly impact how one works. 

For example, if you’re an introvert and have a more reserved personality, constant chats with people you’re not familiar with can make you feel anxious. This can cause you to lose focus and be distracted at work.

Dedicated Rooms for Meetings

Aside from freelancers, startups are also common clients in coworking spaces. This helps smaller companies to cut costs by providing a professional workspace for their employees without having to rent a designated space.

For these companies, they can further create a company culture despite being exposed to other people outside their organization by having rooms that can use to discuss more important matters. This also gives respect to their confidentiality and team identity.

Similarly, this feature can also be useful for professionals from different industries to focus on brainstorming or formalize agreements if privacy is required.

Relaxation Areas

One of the promising features (and principles) of coworking spaces is their vision to enrich a healthy work-life balance for employees. The first thing to achieve a balanced professional life is to avoid burnout.

Workers can avoid burnout and severe stress by accessing relaxation areas anytime they need them. For a simple person, a basic lounging space with comfortable chairs and a cozy environment is enough, but some coworking spaces provide more.

Some offer outdoor lounging on patios or gardens or relaxing furniture like swings and futons as they serve coffee or tea.

At the end of the day, mental health needs to be taken care of in order to be fully happy and satisfied at any job. Job satisfaction produces good outcomes and a happy worker produces thoughtful work.

Key Takeaway

Now that society has entered a digital age where technology continuously thrives to provide efficiency in all aspects of life, different industries are developing ways to grow with it. These include businesses that have to hire employees to operate which resulted to the boom of remote work. 

Remote work allows people to work instantaneously no matter where they are or what timezone they are in and has given companies the opportunity to hire gems that can contribute to their growth. It has gotten more customary and even favored because of its many advantages and one of the best ways to make remote work effective is to use coworking spaces. 

The communal and personal spaces, meeting rooms, and relaxation areas are only some of the key features of a coworking space’s architecture that encourage productivity and there is so much more they can offer. As their clientele grows in the years to come, more interesting features promoting good work habits will be unlocked.



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