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With so much to do on your wedding day, it’s important not to forget about your groomsmen. After all, they’ve been by your side through everything, and now they’re here to help see you off into the next stage of your journey. They deserve a gift that matches this commitment. From a customized pendant necklace to thread bracelets, here are four groomsmen gift ideas they’ll love.

Thread Bracelets with Their Name on It

You might be surprised to see a bracelet at the top of this list. But a thread bracelet is a gift your groomsmen will not only accept but also love.

A custom thread bracelet is the perfect gift for your groomsmen. It’s lightweight, versatile, and carries a ton of meaning when customized with their name. Adding their name with a handwritten font is a special way to make each bracelet unique and memorable. Every time they look down, they’ll remember how fun the bachelor party was.

Matching Signet Rings with Initials

Your bride won’t be the only one getting an important ring on the big day. While it’s not a diamond ring, a signet ring customized with your groomsmen’s initials will commemorate the big day for your buddies.

Matching rings will help you all remember the good times you had in the past and the promise of staying close in the future as you take your own paths in life. Whenever your groomsmen look down, they’ll see a symbol of your group’s friendship. For this reason, a waterproof ring that can truly be worn everywhere is a gift that keeps on giving.

Necklaces with Their Favorite Quotes

If, after every dumb joke or misguided stunt, one of your friends exclaims, “Are you not entertained,” or “I’ll be back” every time they leave the room, then you know the quotes they love.

Why not make that a part of your groomsmen’s gifts?

A customized necklace with their favorite saying or quote adds a dash of humor and unmatched personalization that will have them tearing up. (But you know they’ll never admit that they did.)

If the quote won’t fit on the jewelry, consider turning it into an anacronym where you take the first letter of each word in the quote and turn it into a single word. That way, it’s almost like an inside joke. The people who understand it (i.e., your groomsmen) know how much it means.

Custom Cuffs with a Secret Message

A custom cuff band is a great gift because it’s so versatile. Your groomsmen can all wear them to the ceremony and continue to rock them wherever they go.

As far as the engraving, why not choose something that’s near and dear to all your hearts? A secret message that only you and your groomsmen understand.

Engrave the cuffs with your favorite phrase—but in Morse code. Or pick some coordinates that connect all of you together, a place that is special to everyone. It’s almost impossible to beat the cohesion that a secret message like this creates.

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