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Despite facing your colleagues or clients while wearing comfy clothes, looking all homey is not the best way to go about your virtual meetings. You should maintain a presentable stature even behind a laptop screen as the virtual setting must not hinder you from looking your best. You don't need to wear fancy clothes, but it helps to pay attention to the portion of your body that will most definitely appear in that little box on the screen, especially your face.

A virtual meeting does not let you to flaunt your overall look and outfit, so you might as well give it all in your makeup. Perhaps the best appearance to go for is a look that would highlight your face but would not look over the top. 

What you need to achieve is a healthy and naturally glowing look, as this will give a divine touch to your appearance. After this, you can just opt to do your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a simple yet enticing image. However, if you have enough time, you can elevate your look by focusing on either the eye or lips. 

Set aside a few minutes to prepare for your virtual meetings and set a good impression on the other side of the screen. Here are some easy make up tips to help you look your best in your virtual meetings. Pick your makeup brush and start to enhance your best features.

Moisturize the face

If your meeting will start in a few and you don't have enough time to go over your whole skincare routine, skipping everything and picking your moisturizer won't be too bad. Even without the preceding steps, you can still achieve that dewy and healthy look in an instant by just applying moisturizer. A moisturized skin naturally glows and airs a fresh look as the skin is hydrated, making it plumper.

The glow from the moisturizer might even be enough, allowing you to skip the highlighter and save on precious time. A bright and glowing skin can give that healthy look even through the screen. Any product that moisturizes your skin can pass as your go-to pre-makeup skincare whenever you are running late for your meeting.

Let your eyes do the work

What other way is there to help you perfectly achieve the look you want than setting the mood through your eye makeup? Moreover, it is only natural for the people in the meeting to watch your lips or eyes whenever you speak, so making your eyes look lively might save your overall look for the day.

You don't have to be overly glamorous to make you look dashing in a virtual meeting. Since you're working from home, you can turn to a more relaxed and refreshing look. The main objective must be to make your eyes look wide and more awake. You can still play with different colored liners or eyeshadows to create a more appealing eye look.

Applying eyeliner can especially emphasize your eyes. If your eyes are on the smaller side, dabbing mascara can make it seem bigger. These things can accentuate your eyes even with subtle makeup. There are many makeup looks you can choose from. Perhaps your eye look depends on your mood or how you feel on the day. 

Give life to your cheeks

Faces tend to look washed out in cameras due to the lighting, but you can change that by adding a slight tint to your cheeks. This will give you a naturally glowing and radiant image, especially if the tinge of your cheeks matches your skin tone. 

A light skin color calls for a lighter shade, while a peachy color works well with light-medium skin. A brighter shade should make the best compliment for those with olive skin tones, while those with darker skin can go for blushes with warm undertones.

There are different ways of applying blush to emphasize your face shape, so it is best to find what suits you to create the type of look you’re going for.

Seal it with the lips

Finish your overall look by applying lipstick that fits with the appearance you would like to go for. No matter what you prefer, remember that aside from the eyes, it's nice to wear something on the lips since this part is where most people look when you speak. Don't forget to wear a lip balm to keep the lips moisturized and easy lipstick application. 

You can wear a bold red lip for your team engagement activities or an MLBB shade topped off with a gloss for regular meetings. Alternatively, you can use a lip tint for a quick wash of color on your lips and cheeks and complete your look in under five minutes. 

Don't forget the highlighter

The best way to enhance the high points of the face is by using a highlighter. If you're pressed for time, you can simply put a highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes to make you look more awake—a handy trick when you don't have time to do a cat-eye.

Other places where you can put a highlighter to add dimension to the face are brow bones, cheekbones, and cupid's bow.  

Your best look in front of the camera

Even if you just got out of bed and your meeting starts in 15 minutes, you can definitely make it seem you've been up and awake for longer with a good makeup look. Attending a virtual meeting where no one is in front of you but a camera in your laptop should not hinder you from flaunting a presentable image. 

Remember that a small barrier like your laptop screen must not stop you from looking your best every day, especially if you're used to doing it pre-pandemic. What you wear adds up to your confidence, and your makeup doubles your motivation in front of the camera. You can do a test drive and record yourself to check how you look on the screen. 


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