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When you fall on your teeth into the road or feel a crack in your teeth while chewing cold and hard foods, You don't need to get scared by this as your teeth and smile can be repaired easily. Many patients with broken or cracked teeth have been treated by Gentle Dental successfully since 1992. Our experienced and professional dentists, with their friendly staff, can handle this kind of situation. We are capable enough to utilise cosmetic and restorative processes for healing damaged teeth. Specific treatment for an individual is highly dependent on the injury of your tooth. Gentle Dental can cure broken or cracked teeth quickly, With highly advanced options, So now you don't need to feel shy anymore when you smile.

Reasons for broken or cracked teeth


The main reason behind weak teeth is cavities and decay. The enamel is one of the most important tissues of our teeth, but it can still be cracked and Broken Tooth. Teeth can be damaged in various ways. Such as playing baseball and football without a mouthguard. Or maybe suffered a traumatic crash, blow or fall. According to the ADA (American Dental Association), Potato chips, coffee, hard candies, ice, soda, sports drinks, dried fruit, citrus and alcohol these nine foods are highly responsible for damaged and cracked teeth.

Types of cracked teeth


Craze Lines: This is very common in adults. The outer enamel is affected by tiny cracks. They cause no pain. However, they make your teeth shallow and have no concern with how they look.


Fractured cusp: In this type of painless damage, a piece of tooth will break off from its surface.

Split tooth: Usually split tooth is the result of a long-term cracked tooth. A split tooth is caused by a long term cracked tooth. It can be identified through a clear section of teeth. It can not be saved completely.


Vertical root fracture: These cracks start from the tooth's root and move towards the Occlusal. Many times, they are found around the gum area and surrounding bone. They show optimum signs and symptoms.


Our experts will identify the correct cause of your broken teeth and recommend the best treatment for you and your mouth.

Effective treatments to heal your broken/cracked tooth

Dental Bonding: Dental bonding is one of the best ways to heal cracked, decayed, gapped and misshapen teeth. This dental bonding can stay up to 10 years. Anaesthesia won't be required until it's being used for patients with cavities. 

Crown: If your teeth are badly chipped or suffering from tooth pain when chewing the food, you need a crown treatment. The crown covers your tooth firmly and prevents tooth breakage. A crown cap protects and covers the tooth. A damaged tooth will not handle the pressure of food chewing without the crown cap


Root canal: If the crack of your tooth has reached the pulp, then you require root canal treatment. This root canal will prevent the spreading of crack. You need to wear this temporary crown until your broken or damaged tooth heals.

Dental Implant: If the crack of your tooth has already extended the gum line, then your tooth is not treatable. However, you can opt for a dental implant or tooth extraction to replace your original tooth. If the crack of your tooth has already extended the gum line, then your tooth is not treatable. However, you can opt for a dental implant or tooth extraction to replace your natural tooth. These dental implants will act as the new root and will be placed firmly in your jawbone for a persistent fit.


If you are suffering from broken or cracked teeth, then it's time to visit the dentist. So that you can avoid the spreading of infection and further damage, you can book an appointment at gentle dental. Our experienced professionals will be glad to bring your smile back.

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