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Whether you’re currently an athlete, buying a gift for an athlete, or just like the athletic aesthetic, choosing the right wristwatch is incredibly important. Not every watch has the look to complement the athletic lifestyle. Thankfully, there are sport watches for men and women designed with all the features you need. Best of all, they fit your vibe. Here are the four most important details athletes should look for in their next watch.

Alarms and Stopwatches Fit Your Lifestyle

Time is important for every athlete. You need to know how long your cardio workout lasts, how many seconds are left on the clock during a game, or the start time of your yoga class. The best watches help make sure time is always on your side.

Watches with additional timing features, like a stopwatch or alarms, can be useful in many different aspects of your life. You can start the stopwatch to track how long your warmup lasts. Or you can set an alarm to remind yourself when to get ready for the gym every day.

You know how important every second is for your lifestyle, and the right watch will help you hone your timing.

Durable, Rugged Styles

You’re quick. You’re agile. And you’ve streamlined your athletic performance. It only makes sense that your watch matches this sensibility.

Watches with a durable, rugged design match the way you approach life. Whether you’re on the court, on the field, or just hanging out with your friends, you always bring your A-game.

Mens black watches are a great way to bring this attitude to your accessory game. They work just as well in a casual situation, like in the stands watching your favorite team, as they do in professional settings like a meeting at work.

Minimal and Lightweight Designs Match Your Rest Day Vibes

If you’re looking for a watch that matches your athleisure clothes and fits in with your relaxed mood on rest days, minimal and lightweight designs are a great choice.

A 33-40mm watch with a thin band (around 20mm) matches your vibe perfectly. A leather or silicone band also helps boost your casual athletic looks and stays flexible while moving around. These features combine to create a watch that is every athlete’s favorite word: lightweight.

The face itself should be simplistic too. The less going on, the better. Every athlete has learned the lesson: “Less is more.” When it comes to your favorite active hobbies, this adage applies just as much to your watch choice.

The Right Color Combination Is a Nod to Your Team

While a sleek black watch is a great choice for athletes everywhere, what about something a little more personal to you? A unique way to ensure your watch matches your athletic lifestyle is to match the colors with your team.

Whether it’s a former team you played on, your favorite professional team, or even your son’s or daughter’s school team, watches that match their color scheme are a unique nod to your connection to them. A silver watch for men with a blue face might go perfectly with your favorite basketball team’s jersey. A green and white watch could match all the decorations as you cheer on your son’s football game.

No matter what watch you choose, make sure it fits your athletic lifestyle, and you’ll love wearing it every day.

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