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4 Home Furniture Tips Every Party Host Needs

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Throwing a party is about more than just buying a cheese platter and picking out what games to play. It’s about creating an inviting, functional space with the right furniture choices and layout. That could mean a sofa bed perfect for late nights or a dining room table ready for raucous dinners. Here are four tips that will help ensure your furniture is up to par and ready to party.

Choose Pieces That Can Withstand Anything

Parties come in all shapes and sizes.

There are movie nights where you and a few close friends curl up on the sofa and watch the newest rom-com.

Then there are game nights filled with thrown game pieces, arguments over rules, and lots of competition.

With so many different kinds of parties and all the excitement that comes with each one, it’s essential that you have sturdy furniture that can handle it all. High-quality timber is an excellent material to look for in your furniture. Make sure your table and sofa have thick legs and a robust construction ready to stand up to anything.

Design Two Layouts

Just like you enter “party mode,” when the guests arrive, your floor plan should change too. When you’re home alone, your sofa sits close to the TV, there’s less standing room, and you can store your possessions out in the open.

But when it’s party time, your layout should change. The sofa goes up against a wall. You bring a few more chairs into the lounge. Your pile of laundry goes into the hamper. A modular sofa is an excellent piece of furniture for this repositioning. You can rearrange the parts individually to fit your needs and craft a great party atmosphere.

Prepare for the Extra Wild Nights

You never can tell which parties will extend well into the night. One minute you planned for everyone to leave before midnight, and the next, you’re all playing charades at two in the morning. Ensure your living room is equipped for these nights.

A sofa bed gives your guests, and sometimes you, a safe and comfortable place to spend the night when the party goes later than planned. It converts from the designated conversation spot to the sleepover bed in seconds. Even when everyone leaves safely on time, it’s comfortable enough that you’ll want to spend the night on it.

Keep a Good Mixture of Open Space and Seating Areas

It’s crucial that your party has a good mix of standing, mingling, and seated discussion. There will be a lot of movement, especially back and forth to the kitchen, but also plenty of people will want to sit down and enjoy deep discussions. Give them the option for either by balancing the amount of walking space and seating areas you have. Create avenues to and from the kitchen as well as the front door and build a seating area where 6-7 people can engage in discussion. It’s this kind of planning that will quickly make you host of the year.

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