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Do you know that severe weather conditions and external agencies have a detrimental effect on custom cigarette boxes?

You have not been able to notice it but this is the truth!

External agents like humidity, moisture, and sunlight can spoil the packaging of the product leaving a negative impression on the buyer’s mind.

Keeping this menace in view, your product packaging should be durable and sustainable enough to withstand even adverse weather conditions apart from bearing normal pressures.

Custom cigarette packaging boxes are crafted to fulfill all the needs of products, especially in terms of durability and sturdiness.

These boxes are strong and robust enough to prevent all the problematic factors that alleviate the class and shine of your products.

Here are a few prominent attributes of Custom cigarette boxes that make them less vulnerable to environmental and other external factors:

1-Strong and robust materials:

If you are using low-quality and defective packaging to deliver your products, they are likely to get broken or damaged during shipping.

The situation further aggravates, if a fragile item like cigarettes is packed in such boxes.

Do not worry, as custom cigarette boxes are here to rescue us from this problematic situation.

These boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated paper, which have enormous strength to protect cigarettes from being damaged or crumpled.

These materials are likely to withstand any hard thrash, jolt, or splatter. Deliver your products safely with Custom cardboard cigarette boxes.

The physical intactness of cigarettes is considered the hallmark of a credible and qualified brand.

Even in operations of stacking and stuffing, these boxes act as a protective blanket to maintain the prestige of your products.

Especially, custom cardboard cigarette boxes have a thickness of up to 24 pts and can keep the cigarettes intact and damage-free. 

2-Additional coatings for extra protection:                  

Want to make your product packaging fool-proof and ultra-safe?

Extra coatings on custom cigarette boxes like laminations or varnishes hone the product’s protection.

Moreover, these coatings infuse irresistible charm and make your product look stylish.

You can contact packaging suppliers to consult about which coating is the best for your product’s packaging.

To afford extra protection for your products, there are two options to go with, namely gloss or matte coatings.

For protection against moisture or harsh sunlight, lamination coating is preferred.

It is a thin polythene film coated over Custom Cigarette Boxes to abort harmful effects of weather and other detrimental effects.

Furthermore, there are other options when you are dealing with custom packaging. It mainly incorporates aqueous coating and spot UV.

Both coating types serve the main purpose: if you want your packaging boxes to retain their shine and glitter, you can take to these two options.

In this way, custom cigarette boxes protect the quality, aroma, and taste of the cigarettes inside. This builds brand credibility and lets your brand shine in the competitive market space.

In the case, that Custom Cigarette Packaging Boxes have lost their shine, you can use the above-mentioned techniques to restore their color and shine to make them stylish again.

3-Custom inserts for packaging:

Another impressive way of keeping your boxes intact is the use of custom inserts in packaging.

These inserts work excellently to maintain the position of the products inside. This effort pays off when your products come across a bumpy road while transiting.

Custom boxes allow inserts to be added inside and this surefire way to change the fortune of your business.

Custom Cigarette packaging maximizes your brand sales.

Custom inserts assist the brand to achieve high-level protection for its delicate products in no time. With the aid of high-tech cutting through a die-cut machine, retail businesses can get custom inserts of sizes proportional to their products.

Especially, if you deal in perfumes and oils, custom inserts ensure immaculate protection for these fragile articles and avoid any undesirable experience of damage.

 Compression tests to filter out damaged boxes:

Last but not the least, always choose a reputable packaging supplier which takes care of what it is delivering. If you, unfortunately, opt for the wrong one, you are on the verge of great risk of getting low-quality custom packaging boxes that can hurt your credibility as a brand.

Experienced and renowned packaging box suppliers conduct compression and resistance tests before dispatching the order.

These tests assist brands to get defect-free boxes along with the elimination of defective and weak ones.

Essentially, these tests ensure that the packaging boxes are fit to be used as product carriers and capable of being shipped without any damage.

Meanwhile, these processes are being executed, all the defective boxes are discarded to ensure maximum quality. 

Are you a cigarette retail business and want to deliver top-quality products in flawless packaging?

Remember, every packaging is not trustworthy. You can opt for leading packaging providers in the USA to get the best and defect-free Custom Cardboard Cigarette Boxes to set your brand apart from the rest of the market.

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