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Ludo game is one of the most popular traditional board games, it's been in existence since ancient times. This game is all about luck, fate and destiny but also about strategies, mind and tricks. Traditional Ludo board games have now taken a shape of online existence as well to spark up every person’s digital life. Online real money Ludo game has gained recognition worldwide and is gaining a lot of users. Ludo reminisces people about their spark in childhood. It’s the most favourite pastime to spend with families. It brings out youthfulness among old people too. Ludo is at the roots of traditional and ancient board games of India.

Ancient Indian game

Ludo has derived from the Latin word ‘Ludus’ meaning ‘play’ It was earlier known as Pachisi, It was played using cowries. It was also played at the time of Mahabarata. All the Pandavas used to play this game, It is because of this game that the war started. This game is being played with utmost pleasure and sincerity since ancient times, this game is now not just a game but an emotion for Indians.

Ludo in Ellora caves

This game first resembled Ellora caves. This game has been portrayed on the majestic walls of Ellora caves making it more significant for Indian history and tourism. As mentioned above, the depiction of the same is presented in the glorious Mahabharata. Shakuni used a cursed dice to defeat Pandavas. Ludo has embarked its presence on the walls of Ellora caves.

Patented by England

The major reason why the game ‘pachisi’(ancient name of ludo) is now named Ludo is that British colonisers reinvented this game into a more modern version. pachisi was played traditionally with cowries but now is played by using pawns and cubical dice. Thus, It was first patented by England.

Game of luck and skills

Ludo is all about luck and fate even though with luck and brain used in the right direction you could be a pro player. After rolling the dice, the appeared number is not in your hands, but how to use that number with a right pawn in right place is what makes your game interesting. Even though numbers which you wanted didn’t appear to make your way towards the home you can use them to kill your opponents. A mastermind can always win this game.

With an online presence, this game is now more amusing with the most fascinating features available on the platform and also with a chance of winning real money.


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