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Watches are making a comeback in a big way. From classic analog models to high-quality retro digital watches, you have more designs than ever to choose from. As functional, stylish, and fun as wearing a watch can be, they are also extremely interesting inventions with quite a history. Knowing a bit more about watches could even help you decide on the right watch to suit your style. Here are four fascinating facts you may not have heard before.

Early Watch History – Henry VIII and Minute Hands

The history of personal timepieces dates back centuries. The earliest watches weren’t wristwatches—they were pocket watches. Even important historical figures like Henry VIII carried pocket watches. Those first models would only include an hour hand, as the innovation of the minute hand didn’t emerge until a century or so later. While they haven’t been able to stand the test of time, pocket watches did have lasting effects. In fact, our clothes are still influenced by the popularity of the pocket watch. You know that little pocket above the hip pocket in your jeans? Those were included as a place to keep your pocket watch.

The Wristwatch Arrives – Women and WWI

Wristwatches have been around for many years. One of the first people to wear a wristwatch was Queen Elizabeth I, and watches remained associated with women for centuries after. To this day, the classy gold watch for women remains an elegant addition to any chic outfit. However, during WWI, properly coordinating the time was a life-and-death matter for soldiers. Doing so with a watch in hand became a distinct safety risk. The result was the invention of the wristwatch. Around the same time, technology advanced to produce watches for the masses, and they were no longer widely considered an accessory exclusively made for the upper classes.

Watch Waterproofing – Swimming the English Channel

In the late-1920s, the concept of the stylish, practical, and rugged modern sport watch was kickstarted by an impressive athletic feat completed by a swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze. Ms. Gleitze swam across the English Channel with a waterproof watch on her wrist. The watch continued to function flawlessly after she reached dry land and the age of waterproof watches had begun.

Happy Time – 10:10

If you look at a watch display in a store window, in a jeweler’s display case, or even online, you are likely to see that they’re most often set at 10:10. There are a few reasons for this. One of the most interesting reasons is that both watch hands are angled upward to create a kind of smiley (watch) face, which puts customers in a happier mood. The good mood, combined with a positive association with the watch, makes them more likely to choose the watch. Plus, the hands don’t overlap at that time, nor do they obscure the watchmaker’s brand name.

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