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Looking for a preschool or kindergarten in Bedok where your child’s development can be given the attention it needs? You’re in luck: there are quite a few good preschools here!

To show you what we mean, we’ve rounded up our top choices for preschools in Bedok. These are the ones we strongly suggest you check out when seeking a good place for your young learner.

SuperGenius Preschool

SuperGenius Preschool is among the most popular kindergartens in Bedok for a reason. The name alone already inspires confidence for a lot of parents… although it may be intimidating to some too.

The real point of the preschool being named SuperGenius, though, is that the teachers generally see all of their students that way. That is, they seem to have an attitude that says all learners have their areas of excellence.

There's a lot of emphasis here too on teaching children the importance of independence and self-awareness. That's always helpful when it comes to children's development.

Despite the preschool's name seeming to indicate a focus on academics, by the way, it actually has a lot of provisions for non-academic growth. For example, the kindergarten has programmes for poetry, dance, environmental sustainability, and even art science.


Blossom Creative Centre is another school worth checking out if you're in the Bedok area for several reasons.

This preschool provides programmes for children as young as 18 months, which allows learners to start as early as possible in building a strong developmental foundation.

Moreover, learners can stay here until they reach 6 years old. This provides for virtually every stage of a learner's growth before he actually enters Primary 1.

Like other preschools in its class, Blossom also provides a raft of both academic and non-academic classes for children in its programme. Young ones can study everything from English and Chinese to Creative Expression and Language Appreciation.

Perhaps of special interest is that they even go as far as offering programmes in topics like Life Skills, Kindermusik, and (very practically) Computer Literacy.

This is in line with what you'd expect from only the best preschools or kindergartens: a very well-rounded early education experience that sees to holistic development of the individual.

Also worth noting is that Blossom offers child care programmes that can be either full-day or half-day.

As you might expect, you still do get a bit more for your money from the full-day option, even if it costs a bit more than the half-day one. The half-day option costs only around 20% less than the full-day option, after all.

Little Sparks Montessori

Obviously a preschool that uses the Montessori method, which has been proven time and time again. Focused on lifelong development, a positive learning environment, and encouragement of creativity, there’s a lot to like here.

As expected, they emphasise five areas of education, like most other Montessori schools: Language, Mathematics, Cultural topics (Geography, Science), Sensorial topics (refinement of the senses for learning), and Practical Life (to build learner independence).

With programmes from playgroup to kindergarten 1 and 2, they're also comprehensive in their coverage. Again, this means your child can go here from 18 months to 6 years of age.


Kinderland is actually on a Siglap private estate and is pretty well-known for its facilities. The preschool has a lot of outdoor space and playgrounds, which many learners love.

There are a lot of interesting things about Kinderland's approach to preschool education. Among other things, there's actually a music-infused curriculum, which the school claims boost language literacy as well as learners' confidence.

What's more, the curriculum combines East and West approaches and values. It's a pretty good kindergarten to consider if you want global influences in your child's early development.


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