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Event centers and theaters have to regularly set up for concerts, plays, and other events. This could mean moving in speakers, sets, and plenty of supplies, from food to utensils. Your team can be more efficient and safer with the right material handling equipment, such as classic hand trucks. Here are some of the material handling tools you should consider equipping your employees with to help them set up events more efficiently.

Hand Trucks for Supplies

Whether you are managing an event center or a theater, you often need plenty of supplies for events. From food to decorations, there will be plenty of boxes to move for any given event or show. Equipping your employees with classic hand trucks means they can stack boxes and quickly wheel them to where they need to go. Moving a box or two at a time is inefficient and requires more energy than using a hand truck, especially when they have a 500-pound weight capacity. It will make your employees faster and more efficient, setting the event up sooner.

A Convertible Hand Truck for Versatility

Decorations may not always fit in smaller boxes. If you need to move supplies, larger decorations, or any other oddly shaped items that won’t fit on a hand truck, consider using a convertible hand truck. It starts as an upright hand truck with a weight capacity of 500 pounds. When you need versatility, it quickly becomes a horizontal hand cart in four-wheel mode with upwards of a 1,000-pound capacity, depending on the model. Moving smaller set pieces and other items is suddenly much easier with a convertible hand truck.

An Appliance Hand Truck for Set Parts

Whether you need to move in furniture or set parts, an appliance hand truck can help do the job of two people. It can eliminate the need for a team lift. It’s capable of handling loads up to 800 pounds. It’s perfect for moving larger, heavier items around the event center or stage. Other options include side wings for wider loads and a self-retracting ratchet strap to keep items in place. Whether you are moving a statue as art for an event or something for the stage, the appliance hand truck is an excellent material handling tool for your employees.

An Electric Dolly for Moving Large Items and Tents

Event centers can be huge, and moving larger, heavier items long distances is challenging. The appliance hand truck is meant for shorter trips. Instead, invest in an electric dolly to move items into place. This is especially helpful for getting items off of a moving truck and getting them where they need to go. The 1,000-pound capacity and easy-to-use controls make moving larger items simple. If your event center offers outside event space, you can even move a tent into place with the electric dolly. A quick-change attachment can even help erect the tent.

About Magline

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