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The summer heat is here, which means it’s the busy season for water delivery companies. Whether your business specializes in bottled water delivery or water purification systems, your employees will need to make deliveries quickly and efficiently. With the right material handling equipment, such as hand trucks and convertible hand trucks, it’s easy to move water where it needs to go. Here are four options to consider.

Hand Trucks for General Deliveries

From flats of water bottles to five-gallon water jugs, the classic hand truck will be the workhorse of your water delivery business. Hand trucks make it easy to stack boxes, so supplies can be moved in far fewer trips than if they were carried by hand. It’s easy to wheel a hand truck into position, and they can handle loads up to 500 pounds effortlessly.

Convertible Hand Trucks for Even More Water Bottles

When you have even more water bottles or other supplies to move quickly, a convertible hand truck can do the trick. The convertible hand truck has a trick of its own, too. It starts as an upright hand truck, but when you need more space or weight capacity, it quickly transforms into a horizontal hand truck in four-wheel mode. This allows you to move oddly-shaped items or move loads up to 1,000 pounds.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks for Water Dispensers

Need to move a large, heavy water dispenser or other water purification equipment? Instead of having your employees perform a team lift, equip them with a heavy duty hand truck. Also called an appliance hand truck, the heavy duty hand truck can enable a single person to move larger, heavier items weighing up to 800 pounds. Look for options such as side wings and a retractable ratchet strap to help keep larger items on the dolly. This one tool can have a huge impact on your team’s overall efficiency.

A Powered Stair Climbing Dolly for Tackling Stairs

If your employees need to move water bottles, jugs, or supplies up or down a set of stairs to a basement or a second floor in a building, a powered stair climbing dolly will come in handy. All they need to do is hold a button or lever while staying in an ergonomic position, and the powered stair climbing dolly will climb the stairs using a motorized action. This saves time and energy, as your employees won’t have to make as many trips up and down sets of stairs. Plus, it also acts as a classic hand truck, offering plenty of versatility for other jobs. If your team moves even heavier loads, consider upgrading to a heavy duty version capable of moving up to 725 pounds.

About Magline

Safety and efficiency are the highest priorities when overseeing shipments of heavy materials. Trust Magliner material handling tools to keep your team, cargo, and business efficient, on schedule, and safe. For more than 75 years, Magliner hand trucks have offered innovative solutions to modern shipment needs. Meeting these challenges has made Magline a trusted name in the material management industry. From a versatile convertible hand truck to a heavy duty dolly with powered stair climbing technology, your business can find a Magliner to help your employees tackle material handling challenges. Whether you’re a final-mile delivery service or a professional moving company, there’s a Magliner perfectly suited for your team’s needs, and if you want something extra special, you can even Design Your Own Magliner.

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